Typical vegetables region by region

Typical vegetables region by region

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Typical vegetables region by region: each territory has its ownmodel vegetable!An ingredient to boast of, a typicality covered by the DOP or IGP mark. Let's see immediately what are the typical vegetables and vegetables of each region of Italy.

Italy is the country ofgastronomic culture, if we wanted to list all the typical products, we could fill an entire database! From Campania mozzarella to Parmigiano Reggiano… on this page we will focus on just a fewvegetablespointing out the most popular ones from all regions of Italy, starting with the beloved Tuscany!

Typical vegetables of Veneto

Veneto is famous for its radicchio. Radicchio is a variety of chicoryCichorium intybus subs intybus. It can be grown at any time of the year (to learn morehow to grow chicory) and Veneto holds the best excellences:

  • Treviso red radicchio (PGI)
  • Variegated Radicchio of Castelfranco (IGP)
  • Radicchio of Verona (IGP)
  • Chioggia Radicchio (PGI)
  • Variegated white radicchio from Bassano

Typical Apulian vegetables

If you go to Puglia you cannot avoid tasting the burrata, the stracciatella and… the turnip tops! Turnip tops (Brassica rapa subsp sylvestris var. Esculenta) is part of the Brassicaceae family. In Puglia, orecchiette with turnip tops are very popular.

From the turnip tops, inflorescences are formed which, in Campania, are known asfriarilli.

Typical vegetables of Umbria and Marche

Umbria and the Marches are famous for legumes. Lentils (Lens culinaris), Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), Cowpea (Vigna unguciulata) and Cicerchia (Lathyrus sativus). In this area, another typical product is roveja (Pisum sativus ssp. Arvense), a very particular Umbrian legume that is not very widespread in the rest of the national territory. Among the typical products to report:

  • Lentil from Castelluccio di Norcia (IGP)
  • Cicerchia
  • Roveja
  • Cave bean
  • Bean from Lake Trasimeno

Typical Calabrian vegetables

ThereCalabriais famous for its'Ndujabut there is no lack of appealtypical vegetableslike the famous Tropea onion.

Of the Tropea onion, popular as the red gold of Calabria, there are three different indigenous ecotypes such as:

  • Flat round, early variety
  • Half Campania, medium-early variety
  • Onion elongated, late variety

The red onion of Tropea (PGI) can be eaten as a spring onion, as an onion for fresh consumption or as an onion from Serbian (the most common form throughout Italy).

Typical vegetables of Lazio and Sardinia

Sardinia is famous for its cheeses and pastures…. but there is one thing that has it in common with the Lazio region: the artichoke!

The Sardinian artichoke is thorny while the Roman artichoke is called "mammola" and it is not. The Sardinian artichoke is mainly used raw while the Roman artichoke is mainly consumed cooked. A typical Roman recipe? That of the artichokes alla giudia!

  • Roman artichoke from Lazio (IGP)
  • Sardinian thorny artichoke (PDO)

Typical Sicilian vegetables

Sicily is known for its Madonie manna, for its olives and for the different varieties of garlic: Red Garlic from Nubia, Garlic from Paceco and Garlic from Trapani. From baked ricotta to Trapani new potatoes. Let's face it: Sicily is the land of goodness! The Pachino tomato also comes from Sicily.

Typical Campania vegetables

Tomato is grown throughout Italy but it is in Campania that the best excellences are present, to name a few:

  • San Marzano tomato from Agro Sarnese-Nocerino (DOP)
  • Piennolo tomato from Vesuvius (DOP)
  • Sorrento tomato
  • Vesuvius yellow tomato
  • Cannellino Flegreo tomato
  • Peeled tomato from Naples
  • Spuniello tomato

In Campania there is no shortage of turnip catozza and different types of truffles.

Typical vegetables of Liguria

Liguria is popular for its Italic basil which only for this land is awarded the DOP mark as Genoese basil.
Also in this land there is no shortage of different legumes, to name a few:

  • Borlotto bean from Mangia
  • Red-eyed cannellino bean
  • Cannellino bean from Val di Vara
  • Gianetto bean
  • Lupine bean
  • Low climbing bean from Pignone

Typical Piedmont vegetables

Piedmont is famous for its hazelnuts, for its pepper and above all for the Cardo Gobbo di Nizza Monferrato. The Pumpkin of Castellazzo Bormida is also very popular.

Typical vegetables of Tuscany

Tuscany boasts a large number of excellences, first of all the curly black cabbage, with its large and dark leaves and the typical blistering. It is a seasonal vegetable between October and March. There are two varieties:

  • Curly black cabbage from Tuscany (Arezzo and Florence)
  • Black curly kale from Lucca

Emilia Romagna

If Calabria has red onion, Emilia Romagna has shallots! Rustic and with a delicate flavor. For all information: difference between shallot and onion.

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