Perennial plants: list and representative species

Perennial plants: list and representative species

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Perennials, that while following the cycle of the seasons, remain a keep us company and to brighten up our garden year after year. Perpetually, or almost. We know some well, while others are unexpectedly long-lived.

Perennial aromatic plants

The perennials they live more than two years, there are various types, some are aromatic, others ornamental, others flowering, more suitable for gardens or balconies. There are perennials that come on purpose inserted in flower beds and gardens because they bloom in autumn and they manage to put a good mood even when the day gets shorter.

In general they are plants that do not need much care, they are planted during the winter season and then they spread over the following months.

Perennial garden plants

The garden perennials, in addition to giving color, they are useful because they counteract the formation of weeds. As a known example, I quote heather, an evergreen shrub type plant, widespread in Italy especially in the peninsular areas. In addition to having beautiful flowers, small but very pleasing to the eye, it also has antiseptic properties, for this reason it is used in decoctions against ailments such as cystitis and diarrhea.

A perennial plant such as heather is also multipurpose: pipes and furnishing items were also made with wood, and brooms, with branches instead were produced amulets and talismans against bad luck. Today there is still someone who tells how heather bushes are a refuge for fairies, an imaginative explanation for the fact that some burn dried leaves and twigs to ward off or fight evil spirits.

Balcony perennials

Among the balcony perennials we find the Primula, also suitable in the garden. It is a plant with flowers, sweet but resistant, it does not like excessive heat and wind. Also there Peony on the balcony gives excellent results and is very easy to grow, withstanding Italian temperatures in winter.

Perennial border plants

There Greater periwinkle it is a perennial plant that blooms all year round, which is why it is useful in borders. It does not fear the cold, it is a creeping and evergreen plant, capable of forming real flowering cushions, with oval and dark green leaves. Other examples are illustrated in the article Perennial plants for flower beds

Flowering perennials

Among the perennials that are also good in apartments, there is ardisia. It grows slowly and produces red berries during the Christmas period. The Maritime Armory instead it creates tufts of leaves and flowers, more suitable for the garden, indeed, usually recommended for a rocky garden soil. In addition to the carpet of leaves, it also produces small, umbrella-shaped flowers.

Perennial climbing plants

Widely used in gardens, the ivy it is a perennial and climbing plant, the most common on balconies and terraces, to cover trellises and pergolas. Some of his other lesser-known but perennial colleagues are the plumbago, and wisteria. Contrary to what one might think when seeing the delicacy of its flowers, Wisteria is one of the most rustic creepers there are.

Perennials: list

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