DIY marine soap

DIY marine soap

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Marine soap, useful not only for hygiene but also for beauty. For a healthy skin, smooth and free of dead cells, a skin that emanates light, whether it is that of the face or that of the rest of the body.

Marine soap: what it is

It is a soap that can also be obtained at home by following the recipe and then being able to benefit from numerous advantages over those who use chemicals. By creating, or buying, a bar of marine soap, you have a cosmetic exfoliating and smoothing the skin.

This is done by adding salt to normal soap, which greatly reduces the foaming capacity so usually in the DIY recipe you increase the amount of Coconut oil compared to normal soaps.

Marine soap: how it works

Does less foam than its normal competitor but is able to make the skin very bright, helping to eliminate dead cells and any necessary reactivation of circulation. Marine soap is usually applied to damp skin and its effects are seen in a week or so of treatment.

With DIY marine soap, having certainly chosen natural ingredients, use will become a healthy habit, not even very expensive.

DIY marine soap

Let's see the recipe, taking into account we want to produce 900 grams. Let's take 300 ml of coconut oil, the same amount of olive and castor oil, then 30 grams of mango butter and 200 grams of Himalayan or sea salt. Then add 150 ml of distilled water, 50 ml of lye and, if desired, essential lavender oil but a maximum of 10 ml.

Marine soap: opinions

In general, there is satisfaction with the results that are obtained using the DIY marine soap. Of course you shouldn't expect a miracle, the skin ages and gets damaged for a thousand other reasons than one beauty and hygiene product can not counter.

There are different opinions on the type of salt to use in the preparation of sea soap. Many advise to avoid Dead Sea salts, as well as Epsom salts, because they sometimes make the soap "sweat". Sea salt and Himalayan salt are the best, as already indicated in the recipe!

As for the quantity, there are recipes that report proportions different from those indicated above, a strict rule does not exist, when the quantities and proportions vary compared to soaping oils marine soaps are obtained that are excellent for hand washing or more useful for the body scrub action.

Marine soap: scrub

As mentioned, one of the most appreciated benefits that the marine soap offers us is related to its exfoliating power. It can be applied all over the body, on the face in particular, it can give excellent results in case of oily skin.

Marine soap for the face

It is by the mechanical action of the salt thatgently exfoliates the skin of the face. Often the use of this product is associated with clay, which purifies and illuminates the face. If we have red or irritated skin, calendula is also recommended due to its calming effect. Usually you have to apply the marine soap to dry skin, rubbing the whole area to be treated, and it works too as a makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer.

Marine soap: where to buy

It is found in various shops hygiene and beauty products but it is very convenient to buy it online. They also find some very comfortable travel soaps, at 6 euros, on Amazon.

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