Hematite in crystal therapy

Hematite in crystal therapy

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Hematite in crystal therapy: symbolic meaning, chemical properties and effects on the first chakra. How to use hematite, magnetic and neutral form.

Hematite, chemical formula of the mineral

Before talking about hissymbolic meaningand its allegedproperties in crystal therapy, let's see what it is.

From a point of viewchemist, L'hematiteit is a mineral of Iron Oxide (III). Iron has several oxidation states and the compound with the chemical formulaFe2 OR3in hematite it manages to give a triangular crystal system.

In nature, the iron oxide that forms hematite may contain traces of magnesium, aluminum, manganese, chromium, silicon ... and sometimes other elements.

Thehematite colorit is metallic gray or opaque. In some circumstances, especially when reduced to powder, thehematitetakes on a bright red color. Since it is an iron oxide, we expect hematite to be sensitive to magnetic fields but nothing could be more wrong. Iron is also crucial in establishing the prevailing color of Aquamarine, the stone of the heart chakra.

Magnetic hematite

L'hematiteit's aantiferromagneticwhere the magnetic moments of atoms (usually related to the spins of electrons) line up in a regular pattern.

In practice, the spins, albeit in the opposite direction, are placed in an orderly manner so as to overcome magnetism. In the photo below, the magnetic moments of the materials are shownantiferromagneticslike hematite.

Hematite becomesmagneticonly if heated. The only form of the mineral that exhibits magnetism at room temperature is the martite. Martite exhibits a weak amount of magnetism dictated by the pseudomorphosis of this variety of hematite.

Theremartiteit's avariety of hematitemodified by hematite pseudomorphosis on magnetite. In the martite, the crystals maintain the octahedral structure of the magnetite so, in some cases, they retain a residual magnetism derived from the magnetite.

The reticular structure of thehematiteit is a double pyramid with a triangular base. L'hematiteit is found in various minerals and rocks including pink granite.

Hematite in crystal therapy

TheChakraconnected tohematiteand theRoot, Muladhara chakra. It is no coincidence that the colors associated with the Muladhara chakra are red and black. The chakra is located at the base of the spine, in the perineum area, between the genitals and the anus.

Just as the iron element abounds in hematite, the Muladhara chakra is also closely rooted with the earth. L'hematiteHe can havebeneficial effectson all those dysfunctions caused by the imbalance of the Root chakra, namely: sciatica, arthritis, disorders of a sexual nature, constipation, obesity, hemorrhoids ... From a psychic point of view, an excessive functioning of this chakra could cause aggression, jerks of d ' anger, resentment, jealousy and even violent outbursts.

Thesymbolic meaning of the stonelies in strength understood as courage, will, purification and conquest. Its impact concerns the sphere of energy and masculine strength.

Incrystal therapy, L'hematiteit is used to improve iron absorption, soothe muscle pain and improve the conditions of the first chakra (root).

Recall that crystal therapy is a pseudoscience and an anemic condition should be treated according to allopathic medicine.

The namehematiteit is linked to the red color that this mineral can sometimes take. Its meaning isblood stone.Due to its shape, in the past, hematite was callediron stone.

How to use hematite

In the event of a decrease in strength of spirit, loss of confidence and low energy levels (prolonged laziness, tiredness ...), it may be advisable to wear a bracelet or an amulet inhematiteso as to intensify the activities of the first chakra.

Hematite is a very cheap stone. Its cost is low because scattered all over the world there are a large number of mines of this iron oxide.

To buy a hematite bracelet or necklace, you can take advantage of the online purchase. There are many jewelry available on Amazon. The least expensive form is that of pebble or rough stone. In this case it would be enough to keep a few stones in your pocket to have beneficial effects on the first chakra.

For all information on prices and available products, please refer tothis Amazon page.

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