Average shower water consumption

Average shower water consumption

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Average shower water consumption, to be kept under control especially in summer, when we are more likely to hear about drought alarms. It would be good though always pay attention to our habits, for the good of both the environment in which we live and our bank account, especially if we don't take a cold shower.

When you throw yourself under the jet of water, at the end of the day or as soon as you get up, you don't always think locally and think about how much shower water consumption can amount to. On average every day an Italian consumes 200 liters of water a day, certainly not only in showers but also for drinking and cooking. However, the shower is certainly one of the activities that weigh more on average consumption: if you do it a shower once a day, it will absorb 10% of daily water consumption.

Average shower water consumption

Everyone takes a shower in his own way and define the average water consumption of a "standard" citizen is difficult. It depends on the duration, the opening of the tap, the flow rate of the tube and the diffuser. All this can be estimated, calculating as usual the flow rate of a tap is 12 liters per minute, maximum, but it can drop up to 5 liters per minute so that a normal 5-minute shower leads to a consumption of 25 liters, one of 10 minutes, to 50 liters consumed.

Shower or bath water consumption

It seems like a dilemma that is difficult to solve, because in the shower the water flows, in the tub, it stays. Instead, the outcome is clear: 80 liters are needed in the tub, an average of 25 in the shower in order not to waste neither water nor energy, it is worth taking a shower.

Consumption of hot shower water

As we anticipated, when we talk about shower, most often it is hot water. Here too, the temperature depends on the habits of individuals, but I think there are few people who take frozen showers 365 days a year.

To understand the average hot shower consumption of a family, the number of components and the showers that are taken must be evaluated, and also the type of water heater. Even the time slot in which everyone goes to wash, marks a different energy consumption, for example. The way to reduce, beyond the specific habits of individuals, the average consumption of hot showers is the installation on all taps in the home of flow reducers arriving at reduce domestic water consumption by up to 40%.

Shower water consumption per minute

To carry out this evaluation it can be considered that an average tap has a flow rate of 12 liters per minute when it is open to the maximum. You can get to 5 liters per minute if an air mixer is used and the tap itself is not fully opened.

Shower water consumption: how to limit it

In general there is room for maneuver to avoid excessive waste of water during the shower, especially if you act on the flow rate of the pipes and the diffuser which is much higher than that required. By installing a low flow dispenser (EBF) you can save up to almost 50% of the water in a shower and without ruining this moment. The EBF is a jet breaker. Alternatively we can also buy on line a "head" of high pressure shower to 30 euros. This product also solves a problem that often haunts many people that of having a low pressure shower jet.

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