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Black salt, all the info

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Black salt, properties and different types; from Indian black salt to that of Cyprus or Hawaii. Advice for use, composition and price. Where to buy.

There are several types ofblack salt. On the market we find:

  • Indian black salt
  • black Himalayan salt
  • black salt from Cyprus
  • black salt from Hawaii

Among them, only theIndian black saltit forms spontaneously. The black Cyprus salt is nothing more than Cyprus salt added with activated carbon. Similarly, the black salt of Hawaii, also known asblack lava salt, is Hawaiian sea salt added with activated carbon.

This does not mean that the black salt from Cyprus or the black salt from Hawaii it's not natural. Activated carbon is a natural substance used in the food industry as a dye. The same substance is used asnatural supplementto deflate the belly and improve gastro-intestinal balance. In fact, activated carbon has a high absorbent power. When you buy ablack salt, read the ingredients, if you notice the words "activated carbon" or "vegetable carbon", you are faced with a natural but ... colored salt!

If you're on the hunt for ancient and authentic flavors, a salt with interesting properties is the red salt of Hawaii.

The speech is completely different for theIndian black salt, also known asKala namak.

Indian black salt or Kala namak

Kala namakliterally meansblack salt. TheIndian black saltit is also known by the names ofblack salt from Hawaiior Indian purple salt, due to its dark purple color.

Just like the pink Himalayan salt, even the Indian one is a type ofrocky salt. It is extracted from deposits located in the Himalayan region.
The Indian black saltis mainly composed ofsodium chloridebut characterized by a large number of mineral compounds that determine its color, smell and undoubtedly the flavor. The mineral content, in fact, also influences the taste. Its smell is marked by the sulfur content.
The color is related to the presence of a mineral compound known as Grigite (it is an iron-sulfur compound Fe3 S.4).

Black salt, properties

If theproperties of Cyprus black salto of Hawaii are linked exclusively to vegetable carbon, those ofIndian black salt Kala namakthey are related to a large number of compounds.

TheKala namakit is highly regarded in Ayurveda medicine. This salt includes, in its chemical composition, compounds such as sodium sulfide, sodium bisulfate, sodium bisulfite, iron sulphide and hydrogen sulphide.

Sodium bisulfate and bisulfite give theIndian black salta slightly sour taste. Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic compound but it is contained in concentrations that are completely harmless to health. To be clear, hydrogen sulfide is one of those compounds responsible for the smell of rotten eggs!

Black Indian salt, uses in cooking

Thekala namak it is widely used in Asian cuisine. If in grains it has a colorblack(or dark purple), when reduced to powder it assumes a pink color.

In India it is used for the preparation ofChaat masala, a blend of spices with a digestive tone. In Ayurveda, theblack saltit is used as a digestive remedy.

Black salt, where to buy it

TheIndian black saltit is very difficult to find. On the contrary, theblack salt from Cyprusand theblack salt from Hawaiithey are very common and can be found in well-stocked supermarkets.

For the purchase of theblack Himalayan salt(or Indian black salt) you can take advantage of the online purchase.

Indian black salt is not very popular in the West due to its flavor. Those who are not used to this salt, in fact, report that they perceive almost a taste ofeggs.The cause is to be found in its high sulfur content.

Who wants to buy theIndian black saltcan take advantage of online trading. Due to its characteristics, theIndian black saltis among the types of salt frompricehigher.

On Amazon, 200 grams of this salt can be paid just over 7 euros! For all information I invite you to visit the page: Kala Namak on Amazon

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