Gray Breton or Celtic salt

Gray Breton or Celtic salt

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Breton gray salt, integral French gray salt, Atlantic salt, Celtic or Brittany salt. Properties and tips for use in the kitchen. Where to buy it.

Gray salt, what is it

When it comes toBreton saltCeltic saltorintegral salt from the Atlantic, it refers to a singlegray saltcollected in the salt flats of the territorial waters of France and Great Britain. The waters nicknamed "Celtic Sea ".

The Celtic peoples once occupied a large area of ​​Europe ranging from the British Isles to the Danube basin, they also had settlements in what is now France, Spain and Italy. It is to the Celtic peoples that we owe a large number of pagan festivals, including Halloween. The gray salt it is known asCeltic saltprecisely because those waters were once under their dominion.

The extraction of gray salt from those waters has very ancient origins and, even today, to preserve traditions, the harvest is still done by hand.

Celtic gray salt or salt from the Atlantic Ocean

Thesalt flats of Guérande, in France, they overlook the Celtic Sea and occupy a large area between the hills north of Guérande and the Croisic peninsula. In the photo below you can admire the panorama, seen from above, of the salt pans.

Thesel de Guérande owes its gray color to the natural clay in which the crystallization process takes place. I remind you that even thered salt from Hawaiiit owes its color to natural red clay and its ferrous compounds.

The gray salt owes its color to the high magnesium content present in the clay. Thanks to its high quantity of trace elements, it is poorer in sodium than classic table salt.

There is not much difference between the composition of theCeltic gray saltand thegray Atlantic saltbecause they both undergo the same crystallization process of clay. Both salts are formed from similar waters.

The Croisic peninsula separates the salt pans from theAtlantic Ocean but the influence of these waters is considerable. To the east, in fact, thesalinecommunicate directly with theAtlantic Ocean through the etier Pouliguen which marks the administrative border between the waters of the French municipalities of La Baule and Le Pouliguen.

Breton gray salt or Atalntico salt

Breton gray salt has a chemical composition similar to that of French gray salt. In fact, it too is very rich in magnesium and lower in sodium than the classic table salt.

Also in this case the gray color is linked to the crystallization process which took place in close contact with natural clays.

Gray salt, recipes and uses in the kitchen

It is a sea ​​salt which can be used like the municipality sodium chloride.Its tone is particularly well suited to dishes based on fish, white meat and boiled vegetables. Personally I have no preferences and I also use it in salads and with red meats!

Gray salt, where to buy it and price

In supermarkets it is not difficult to find a salt labeled as "Breton gray salt" or "Brittany gray salt" or again "Whole gray Atlantic salt". These terms, however, are not always followed by adequate explanations of the collection.

A good gray salt (Celtic or Breton if you prefer) must be hand-picked and crystallized in a natural way. The wording "integral" is not essential because in any case the gray color is not given by the lack of refining (the gray salt is not refined, it is a hand-picked sea salt) but by crystallization with gray clay.

Among the various products on the market, I would recommend the natural gray salt from the Guéranda salt pans, proposed on Amazon with the IGP (protected geographical identification) brand

A kilogram of this salt can be bought at a price of 11.48 euros. For all information on the product, I invite you to visit the Amazon pageGros Sel de Guérande.

I couldn't help but recommend a natural, hand-picked, certified salt naturally rich in magnesium and calcium.

Regardless of the product you choose, when you buy agray salt, make sure it is hand-picked and processed and above all that it comes from one of the "Celtic regions". To have this guarantee, you can check the origin or rely on the certifications.

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