Growing Brussels sprouts

Growing Brussels sprouts

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How to grow Brussels sprouts: instructions for thecultivation of Brussels sprouts in potsor in the garden. From sowing to harvest.

Cabbage, sprouts or Brussels sprouts

The cabbage of Brusselsit is part of the large Brassicaceae family and has a bearing similar to black cabbage. It is commonly known assprout, cabbage or little cabbage!

THEBrussels sproutsthey lend themselves well tocultivation in pots thanks to the excellent yields in terms of harvest.

With a plant grown in pot you can harvest, on average, from 25 to 35 sprouts at harvest. Under optimal conditions there may be more yields per plant. With three specimens in jar you will manage to serve over and over againBrussels sproutswith our best recipes. These yields are related to the dwarf variety. With the classic vegetable plants the yield in terms of quantity ofBrussels sproutsproducts is much higher!

Grow Brussels sprouts in pots or in the garden

In this paragraph we will tell you what is needed for thecultivation of Brussels sprouts in potsor in the open field.

Vase of appropriate size

For thecultivation in pots you will need a container at least 40 cm deep, even if the root system has an ideal need of 60 cm deep.

Suitable soil

TheBrussels sproutprefers a soil that is always humid, well ventilated and slightly alkaline.

Organic fertilizer

Enrich the soil with mature compost and a little manure.

The soil, in the open field, must be worked with a deep dig by burying well-mature manure or organic fertilizer such as manure.

Seedlings, sprouts or seeds of Brussels sprouts

TheBrussels sproutit is cultivated above all for the axillary shoots that grow on its stem formed by the young leaves that develop in the form ofrounded glomeruli.

After the first cultivation which can take place from the seed or from the plants purchased from the nursery, you can get the axillary sprouts yourself to perpetuate the cultivation of Brussels sprouts at no cost.

Cultivation of Brussels sprouts, the right variety

Who has little space and wantsgrowing Brussels sprouts on the balconyor terrace, taking advantage of the cultivation in pots, can choose dwarf varieties that do not grow over 70 cm in height.

Who shouldn't grow in potsor those who have no space problems (perhaps they have a very large balcony garden!) can choose classic plants in order to obtain a more abundant production.

If you have a well-stocked trusted nursery, just ask for seedlings ready for planting! Or, if you prefer, you can start from the seed so as to save a lot in the case of more abundant crops. The seeds of Brussels sprouts are not as easy to find as those of carrots, parsley or strawberries, also found in supermarkets. Seeds should always be available in nurseries. Otherwise you can take advantage of online trading:

on Amazon a sachet of highly germinating seeds can be bought with 7.58 euros and free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to Amazon page of the sachet of seeds.

For the variety just indicated, thesowingin the open field it can take place from April to June.

Sowing in a protected environment can be anticipated between January and February. The harvest of the firstBrussels sproutsit will occur after 5 or at most 6, depending on the climatic trend.

Growing Brussels sprouts in pots

Grow Brussels sprouts in potsit is very convenient and convenient: the plants develop very quickly and guarantee excellent results in tight times and spaces.

A potted plant, if placed in ideal conditions, can producesproutseven for more than two months! In winter, the plant resists temperatures as low as -10 ° C.

When to grow Brussels sprouts

With some tricks it is possible to have harvests from late summer to late spring!

There are varieties that produce glomeruli from late summer and throughout autumn (early varieties), while with the semi-late varieties it is possible to ensure the harvest from mid-autumn to mid-winter.

Late varieties allow you to harvest until early spring! So, depending on the variety you choose, it's always a good time togrow Brussels sprouts.

How to harvest Brussels sprouts

THE Brussels sprouts they must be collected starting from the lower part of the plant, in fact they develop firstglomerulilower. Collect the sprouts larger starting from the bottom up.