10 foods that fight cellulite

10 foods that fight cellulite

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Cellulite is natural for everyone and consists of the deposit of fat under the skin. However, unfortunately, a taboo has been created on this natural process and many people feel insecure about having it. If you are one of the people, here you will find which are the 10 foods that fight cellulite and restore firmness and elasticity to the skin.

The best foods to fight cellulite

Cellulite is present in the body of almost all women, mainly in adulthood. When it appears earlier, it is usually related to being overweight. Along with a lack of exercise, cellulite is also caused by improper nutrition.

It is difficult for a woman who already has cellulite to be able to eliminate it completely, since it is normal for the skin to become more flaccid as age advances, due to the decrease in the production of collagen and other natural factors. So, get to know the best foods that fight cellulite and learn how to make your skin more elastic and firm with some simple ingredients.

1. Buckwheat

In addition to the vitamins, proteins and fibers present in this grain, which make it a great ingredient for digestion, buckwheat contains lysine, which is a beneficial amino acid for the repair of epithelial tissue and for the production of collagen, reducing the cellulitis.

Helps the skin become firmer and rejuvenate its cells.

2. Water with lemon

Lemon is always a wild card to improve overall health. It is detoxifying, alkaline (inside the body) and, with water, hydrates the skin. All these benefits act on cell renewal, the good appearance and the health of the skin, which makes it stronger against the formation of cellulite.

3. Oilseeds

Almonds, walnuts, chestnuts and hazelnuts are rich sources of omega-3, a good and necessary fat for the body. It contributes to the good health of skin cells and blocks toxins. In this way, it prevents premature aging and the appearance of cellulite.

4. Parsley

With a detoxifying effect, parsley helps the kidneys work better, eliminating toxins through the urine and deflating the body. The vitamins present in parsley act to strengthen skin tissue and fight premature aging.

5. Coriander

Coriander is a body detoxifier, mainly in the elimination of heavy metals that are stored in fat cells. These are the metals that prevent the skin from regenerating and facilitate the accumulation of extra fat, forming cellulite.

6. Orange

The orange is a fruit rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient for the synthesis of collagen in the body. Collagen is responsible for firming the skin and preventing excessive wear of the dermis cells, which ends up preventing the appearance of cellulite or even reducing its manifestation.

7. Beans

Beans are a type of vegetable protein that acts directly to fight cellulite, since it is high in protein that helps define muscle, prevents the accumulation of fat and the formation of cellulite.

This is extremely positive, since this legume is very present in the Brazilian plate, which makes it very simple to acquire these benefits. It is also worth remembering that, in the case of black beans, there is a high content of magnesium, essential for the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which helps fight depression and anxiety.

8. Egg

Rich in various vitamins, including vitamin B12, and minerals, eggs can be considered a complete food. It has collagen, which is used to give skin tissue greater elasticity and firmness. In addition, it has vitamin A, an antioxidant that rejuvenates the cells of the dermis and acts in the preservation of the functions of collagen.

9. Garlic

As you can see, collagen is extremely important to fight cellulite. Even without having a large amount of this protein, garlic does not escape this rule, since it has taurine and lipoic acid that rebuild damaged collagen. In addition, it is rich in sulfur, essential for the formation of this component.

10. Soy

It is excellent for the production of collagen. This is because it has daidzein and genistein that act by stimulating the formation of this protein. The problem is that most of the soy is GMO, so you should put in a little effort to try to get organic soy.

By Angela Oliveira. Article in Portuguese

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