Vetiver, the plant that is decontaminating the planet

Vetiver, the plant that is decontaminating the planet

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Vetiver, whose scientific name is Chrysopogon zizanioides It is not magic, but it is being used in countless places in the world, healing, repairing, mitigating and resisting the erosive effects of our species on the planet, such as the loss of soil and the contamination of land and water.

It is a tool that nature gave us and we must use it more and more, worldwide it is increasingly recognized and is endorsed by thousands of scientific studies and real experiences of regeneration throughout the world, it is a plant that greatly awakens the imagination and curiosity.

It fulfills many functions: Sanitation of contaminated water and soils, retains slopes, hills, etc ... prevents erosion, captures soil, retains and infiltrates water, extracts countless pollutants from water and soil, restores native flora and fauna, prevents eutrophication, is forage , used in organic agriculture, excellent biomass producer, ability to produce essential oils from Vetiver and the list is huge.

I met it in 2013 from its main World Scientific Researcher on his visit to Argentina, Dr. Paul Truong and by Vetiver Argentina who introduced it safely with all the environmental impact controls corresponding to Argentina, then I met Jairo Restrepo and opened my eyes to its use in organic production and I had no doubts.

I hope you like the video, it is a topic to talk for hours and hours, but I tried to be as brief as possible. In the end the audio breaks a little, I'm sorry and sorry if I miss a few words, it was a lot of data to transmit.

Martin Santiago Schmull

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