Damages from the Mayan Train do not compensate for "none of its good purposes"

Damages from the Mayan Train do not compensate for

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The Latin American Observatory of Geopolitics made a report with observations on the Environmental Impact Manifestation (MIA) delivered by the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) for the megaproject of the Mayan Train.

The conclusions were as follows: "After reviewing the MIA with all seriousness and care, we conclude that this project does not have conditions to come to fruition and that the damage it will cause does not offset any of its good purposes.“.

In the document, he assured that the MIA-R (2020) presented “does not meet sufficient conditions to establish the ways, procedures and methodologies to guarantee that the Tren Maya project, with its complementary development projects, manages to generate the benefits that it is proposed and avoid the serious and irreversible damages that scientists, scholars, community scholars and a widely shared common sense are insistently pointing out“.

The indications on the fragility of the area and the insufficiency of the studies carried out, the indication about the need for a geological project at the executive level and the suggestion to reconsider the design of the line indicate that the MIA itself is warning about very high risks in this area. zone“.

- To download the full report (PDF), click on the following link: Observations to the manifest… (1.60 MB)

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