Fast fashion vs. sustainable fashion

Fast fashion vs. sustainable fashion

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Fast fashion

What is Fast Fashion and why does it not suit us, both for buyers and for the ecosystem?

Fast Fashion or Fast Fashion is based on the mass production of a garment in a short time. That so much has to be produced in such a short time and that the garments that are made must have an "accessible" price.

Fast Fashion not only needs cheap materials (some pollute a lot) but also needs cheap labor to reduce its costs to a minimum, reaching extremes of worker exploitation, often in clandestine centers, where both adults and children work more than 12 hours a day, to produce clothes of a fairly passable quality.

Unfortunately many downtown businesses that sell unbranded clothing, and even international companies, in an effort to maximize their profits, sell fast fashion clothing.

Sustainable fashion or Slow Fashion

All items that are sold in Sustainable fashion have a price that ranges from 40% to 70% less than the price of a Fast Fashion garment. Another of the pros of this fashion is that, as unique pieces are sold, your style will always be unique; no one else is going to have that piece or garment. We know where our clothes come from. On the other hand, you already know the problems caused by consuming Fast Fashion, and how Sustainable fashion benefits us.

Where do I get sustainable clothing?

In American fairs, what are they? an updated version of the traditional used clothing markets that were sometimes organized by families and sometimes by groups of friends, where they offered clothes that they wanted to get rid of at very cheap prices.

These fairs, in addition to promoting the second-hand market, also often offer clothes from small entrepreneurs who offer their creations made in a more traditional way.

Some of these American fairs, you can also find them in virtual stores and social networks, which has allowed them to offer garments even at lower values ​​than those of their own stores.

If you live or have the possibility of traveling to the United States or Europe there are also many of these places with unique vintage pieces; You can even get Pieces from Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and more luxury brands for super affordable prices.

Today there are also a lot of brands whose motto is sustainable fashion and from the fabric to the inspiration is based on this.

Written by Gaia Natalichio. For Revosser magazine

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