Hunger in a world of plenty

Hunger in a world of plenty

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More food is produced than in any past era and yet one in seven people know hunger in this world.

The current capitalist system has commodified the production and distribution of food, going over the needs of humanity, over the peasantry, over the ecosystems to maintain the rules of free "speculation" at the service of financial elites that do not they contemplate a distribution according to social justice.

We are facing an artificial abyss that separates the producer from the consumer, an abyss filled by large oligopolies whose interests are based on the injustice and unsustainability of the agri-food business.

The writer and activist in food social and political movements Esther Vivas gave us an interview for Substratagema, a self-managed channel of interviews, video art, fiction, analysis and opinion.

Video: SOCA3350 - World Hunger in an Era of Plenty (July 2022).


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