Virtual telemarathon of the International Environment Fair "EcoCiencia"

Virtual telemarathon of the International Environment Fair

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This June 5, 2020, World Environment Day is celebrated and as every year, the International Environment Fair “Eco Science” will be held in Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina, but this time in virtuality.

The planet summons us and we will be there this time from Social Networks and screens. Quarantine allows us to reflect on our role as living beings, humanity needs us more than ever, aware of our place on the planet. Join our proposals for this "telemarathon"!

For this next June 5 International Day of the Environment, we will carry out a "virtual tele marathon" with multiple proposals throughout the day.

Through our communication channels via “streaming” you will be able to follow all the proposals that include conferences, educational videos, workshops, greetings, instagram videos, music, educational projects and much more. As is customary this Fair since 2012 in our city.

Totally free, open and free, without registration

* Organizing committee *
- Unit of Environmental Development and Administration of the Supply Park (UDAAPA).
- NGO Luz del Ibirá - Agroecological training school.
- Green Concord.
- Faculty of Food Sciences (UNER).
- Estancia Paraíso. Green Action.

Sustainable Concord / Eco Science International Environment Fair / Luz del Ibirá

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Video: 2020 St Baldricks Virtual Telethon (July 2022).


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