150 communities in the Amazon, without food or water due to the oil spill

150 communities in the Amazon, without food or water due to the oil spill

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The community is fine, there are no infected by Covid, but the needs are enough at this time. So far, the government has not come up with information, just a small portion of food”Said Katty Balladares from the Mandari Panga community that lives on the Tiputini River.

The possibility of bathing or drinking river water without the risk of being contaminated is nil. So 150 communities are at risk of disappearing.

Oil spill

The incident occurred on April 9 in the border area between Sucumbíos and Orellana; and as a consequence the contamination of the Coca and Napo rivers turned the water black and toxic.

The spill originated from the breaking of three main pipelines, the SOTE, the Shushufindi Poliducto, and the OCP (Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline), under the administration of Petroecuador and Petroamazonas.

The cause of the rupture was a sudden erosion in the San Rafael waterfall, the result of the sedimentological management project at the Coca Codo Sinclair hydroelectric dam. Previously, the problem was warned but no preventive measures were taken.

To date, there is no report on how many barrels were spilled.

Indigenous leaders of the Amazon asked a week ago for international humanitarian aid given the little assistance they receive from the governments of the region in the midst of the expansion of Covid-19.

Faced with the damage, even to the health of people, the communities filed before an Amazon court a protection action against the State and the companies that operate the pipelines such as the private OCP, which manages another pipeline for 180 thousand bd and whose settlement is still is unfinished.

Source: Radio La Calle

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