Seed Guardians: communities united by the joy of sowing life

Seed Guardians: communities united by the joy of sowing life

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The short film produced by the VacaBonsai Collective Audiovisual collective and promoted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and the Organic Agriculture Network of Misiones —RAOM— proposes to look at the guardians of seeds from the point of view of integrality and joy.

The documentary that lasts just 16 minutes is a trigger for sensations. Opening the doors of the red land of Misiones to show four movements that defend native and creole seeds, the film manages to find the thread that brings together communities in search of autonomy and freedom.

This search translated into the dancing feet of the members of the Ysyry Community —Pueblo Mbyá Guaraní carries the music that the mountain sings as a source of wisdom; guardian of health through its medicinal plants and safe home where the rituals of celebration of life are reproduced.

The life that continues along the paths of resistance of the Excluded Workers Movement —Unidos Ruta 20, which thinks of the land as a source of food and not of profit; challenging the hegemonic production model that, with promises of higher yields, ruins the territory with its transgenics and poisons. However, the truth emerges made Creole seed with the ancestral force that insists on germinating.

This force is fighting in the Union of Land Workers (UTT) movement - Independent Producers of Piray for the defense of water and the recovery of the territory invaded by the pine trees of the big corporations that kidnap dreams and producers of inequality. Likewise, the hands that build another way of existing are multiplying.

Living in community as a response to the commodification of life, the Seed Fair — North Zone of Misiones as a meeting point for smiles and hopes that not only remain in micro-making, but that reach public windows and winds blow of dignity on the political agenda.

While agribusiness in Misiones, Argentina causes the loss of biodiversity and soil erosion, the peasantry and indigenous communities resist in caring for agrobiodiversity at the service of food sovereignty and roots in the countryside.

Guardines de Semillas provides one more grain to make people think and produce agroecologically, and together with the collective mapping work carried out by La Rosa and RAOM, the initiative offers more than a tool for struggle; invites us to imagine and build, in the now, a just and healthy world that, of course, is possible.

The seeds cross borders, intermingle in the cultures of the earth and flourish in the diversity of its crops.

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