The best foods against viruses and bacteria

The best foods against viruses and bacteria

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The best way to prevent illness is to exercise and eat the right foods.

This list of healthy foods will keep your immune system strong against bacteria and viruses, like the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Fresh, raw garlic: Strong smelling foods like garlic are very healthy because they contain allicin, an antimicrobial. A British study found that people who took allicin supplements had 46% fewer colds. We recommend incorporating 3 teeth a day.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms have two great weapons you need this flu season: selenium, which helps white blood cells produce disease-killing cytokines, and beta-glucan, a type of antimicrobial fiber, which helps activate blood cells. "superhero" cells that detect and destroy infections. .

Coconuts and Coconut Oil: Coconuts and coconut oil are rich in lauric acid, a compound proven to boost immunity. Lauric acid is known to disrupt the membranes of invading pathogens. Try substituting coconut oil for your cooking oil or adding coconut oil to your oatmeal, smoothies, etc.

Tea: Researchers at Harvard University found that drinking five cups of black tea a day quadrupled the body's immune defense system after two weeks, probably due to theanine. Tea also contains catechins, including ECGC, which acts as a free radical scavenger. We recommend that you drink 3 cups of tea a day during flu season.

Yogurt: The digestive tract is one of your largest immune organs, so avoid disease-causing germs with probiotics and prebiotics, which are found in naturally fermented foods like yogurt. The University of Vienna in Austria conducted a study that showed that people with healthier digestive tracts were less likely to get sick. We suggest Greek yogurt because it contains more protein.

Oysters: Oysters are packed with zinc, and zinc rallies troops, or white blood cells, to attack bacteria and viruses like the flu or cold. One medium oyster provides almost all the zinc you need per day.

Sweet Potatoes: They are full of beta-carotene, which improves your body's defenses. It is instrumental in the growth and development of immune system cells and helps neutralize harmful toxins. Other excellent sources are other orange foods such as carrots, squash, egg yolks, and cantaloupe.

Black Chocolate: high doses of cocoa are compatible with T-helper cells, which increases the ability of the immune system to defend itself against infections.

Strawberries - The vitamin C found in strawberries is immunostimulating and studies show that it can reduce the intensity and duration of colds and flu. One cup of strawberries provides 160% of your daily needs.

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