How to cook Broccoli without a steamer so that it is crisp and radiant green?

How to cook Broccoli without a steamer so that it is crisp and radiant green?

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We share a video for you to learn how to cook Broccoli without a steamer so that it is radiant and crisp green.

For this recipe you will need: 1 kilo of broccoli, necessary water, salt to taste.

Broccoli is a vegetable that gives us multiple benefits, including its antioxidant and diuretic effect, its high content of folic acid and fiber. To keep all its properties intact, it is best to eat it raw or steam it.

However, not everyone likes to eat vegetables without cooking them first and, therefore, they prefer the second option. In order for you to learn how to prepare this nutritious dish, in this recipe I will share with you how to steam broccoli step by step.

Does eating broccoli extend life?

In 2009, journalist Dan Buettner published his book Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People who've Lived the Longest in which, based on studies carried out by scientists Pes and Poulain, he told us that the secret of a long and comfortable life is hidden in five scattered regions in the world: Okinawa, in Japan; Loma Linda, in California; Sardinia, in Italy; Ikaria, in Greece and Nicoya, in Costa Rica. For years Buettner toured the places on the planet where people live the longest, which he called "blue zones."

The common point? A stress-free life, constant moderate activity, and a diet rich in vegetables. But what vegetables are present in the diet of such different cultures? Broccoli or Brussels sprouts in California, cabbage in Costa Rica, watercress, cauliflower or red cabbage in Italy and Greece, and wasabi in Japan. Indeed, they are all brassicas.

Video: STEAMING BROCCOLI - How to STEAM BROCCOLI demonstration (July 2022).


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