Natural remedies for the flu

Natural remedies for the flu

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Natural remedies for the flu: the instructions to fight and prevent fever and flu in a natural way. Come on grandmother's remedies to do-it-yourself preparations.

Every year, the pharmaceutical companies propose a new anti-flu vaccine. The same pharmaceutical companies marketing various more or less effective products to prevent and combat flu and fever (antipyretics). With this article we do not intend to replace the opinion of a doctor but only to provide, for information purposes, notions on what are the remedies popular used against the flu. In case of persistent fever, it is always recommended to consult your doctor.

Natural remedies for the flu

THEvirusofinfluencethey mainly attack the respiratory tract. When you are attacked by theflu virus, whatever it is, your body turns into a real battlefield and the symptoms are the ones we all know: headache, cold, sore throat, muscle aches and in many cases gastrointestinal disorders.

Unfortunately, there is no effective natural remedy capable of stopping the activity of the flu virus, however they do existnatural remediesuseful for relieving thesymptoms. Below we list a fewnatural flu remedies:

  • - Drink a lot of water
    Sometimes commonplaces are underestimated but you, if you are suffering from fever and flu, do yourself the favor not to underestimate this first piece of advice. Hydrate your body. Do you know that all the biochemical reactions that take place in your body do so in an aqueous environment? Also the battle that takes place between the flu virus and your immune defense. Also, keeping the mucous membranes moist will give you a slight sense of well-being.
    If, during the flu, you have a sharp decrease in appetite, try to swallow a chicken broth, an excellent source of fluids and electrolytes.
  • - Ginger and honey drink
    Ginger is anatural remedyfor many ailments that afflict the gastrointestinal system. Flu with stomach pain, nausea, congestion… in these cases you can prepare a hot drink based on water, honey, lemon and fresh ginger. For the preparation: put a saucepan on the heat containing 300 ml of water (about a cup), boil and add a disk of fresh ginger. Leave to infuse for 30 - 45 minutes. Filter, add a spoonful of honey and finally the juice of half a lemon. mix well and drink when it has cooled. Like fresh ginger, ginger essential oil can also be useful against the flu.
  • - Take a shower
    If you have had the flu without a fever, a hot shower can be a great natural remedy. It works especially if your respiratory tract is your problem and if you are looking for natural remedies for nasal congestion.
  • - Essential oils and aromatherapy
    The fumigations with eucalyptus essential oil are excellentnatural remedyagainst the flu. For an intensive action you can prepare fumigations with eucalyptus essence, lemon essential oil and mint essential oil. Ginger essential oil is particularly suitable for febrile states. In aromatherapy, fever, bronchitis, colds and inflammation of the pharynx are treated with sandalwood essential oil.
  • - Infusion of thyme
    The thyme infusion is indicated against flu accompanied by dry cough or fat cough. The ingredients to prepare this natural remedy for the flu I'm:
    • a handful of sprigs of fresh thyme or 2 tablespoons of dried thyme.
    • 250 ml of water
    • Lemon juice
    • A spoonful of honey

For the preparation, lightly mash the thyme with the help of a mortar or pestle. Place the thyme in a cup and fill it with boiling water. Leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Add the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey. Melt the honey. Sift the syrup and drink it in a single solution. In case of persistent cough, this remedy should be taken 2-3 times a day. For more information, please refer to the article:natural remedies for cough.

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