Rhodesian Ridgeback - character, appearance and price

Rhodesian Ridgeback - character, appearance and price

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Rhodesian ridgeback, from South Africa comes a hunting dog very particular, so called its ridge on the back (ridge = crest, back = back) and because Rhodesia, today's Zimbabwe, is its country of origin. Yes, he has a crest and is a great lion chaser to the point of being nicknamed The Lion Dog.

It is still a little known breed in Italy and in the rest of Europe but in the rest of the world and especially in its parts it is still used for hunting. It also has other virtues that make it prized as a guard dog.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: origins

The origins of the Rhodesian Ridgeback but we know that the intention with which it was selected was to obtain a multipurpose dog to be placed alongside the settlers when they set out to explore and colonize southern Africa. Its ancestors are semi-wild dogs and were often employed as guardian animals for villages, caravans and children.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback as well as as a companion of the colonists it was also used for hunting leopards, baboons and fast game, in particular to capture the lion: a rather dangerous operation but which gave him the fame of "The Lion Dog".

Rhodesian Ridgeback: appearance

The Rhodesian Ridgeback it is a short-haired and large, brown, both light and dark, and with a visible and choreographic crest on the back where the hair grows in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. This breed is aesthetically very appreciable: strong and muscular, agile, elegant and harmonious. A male specimen is tall, at the withers, from 63 to 70 cm and weighs about 37 - 40 kg.

There crest it is considered the emblem of Rhodesian Ridgeback but it must have certain precise non-trivial characteristics. It must be well defined, tapered and symmetrical, with only two identical crowns opposite to each other. It should start just behind the shoulders and finish where the prominence of the hips appears.

The rest of the coat shows a short and dense coat, smooth and shiny, of light grain to red grain color. A little white is allowed on the chest, as well as on the fingers, while the muzzle and ears have a mask. The eyes of the Rhodesian Ridgeback they have a color associated with the hair and are rounded.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: character

Woe to leave alone a dog like the Rhodesian Ridgeback: with the crest and hunting, we could imagine it aggressive and wild, but it is just the opposite. And a dog strongly linked to the family and with the humans that he frequents creates a deep and loyal relationship.

He is devoted to his master and capable of unconditional love. If kept in the garden alone it feels segregated, lonely and bored, it is best like apartment dog the Rhodesian Ridgeback even though he has a great temperament and a very independent personality. He is intelligent, well educated, from an early age, even to socialize, he is very manageable.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: breeding

Once upon a time the Rhodesian Ridgeback it was bred for hunting, especially for large prey including the lion, but also to guard homes, farm animals and families. Years and years passed like this, have made the Rhodesian Ridgeback a versatile and multipurpose dog, today also usable for activities such asagility, sports research or socializing with children: play!

Given the strong and dominant character, to have a specimen of Rhodesian Ridgeback that is really as adorable as they describe themselves collective socialization and education courses, from the first months for at least a year. When breeding and training an animal with such a strong disposition, coercive systems and blackmailers that lead to nothing are to be avoided, better to leverage its great motivation towards the game, about food and the desire to collaborate and the "compliments" she loves.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: price

A puppy of Rhodesian Ridgeback it can cost around 1000 euros. It is difficult to find it and it is difficult to find it at a good price. A particularly low price may not ensure a healthy dog, it is best not to rely on unverified offers. Especially for the character part: it is important that a so tenacious and brave dog has been properly trained from an early age. Otherwise it bears the marks even if we pamper it for the rest of its life.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: puppies

Puppies are not at all easy to find Rhodesian Ridgeback in Italy and in Europe in general: for now it is not a very widespread breed even if, to know it, it lends itself to many functions, including that of companion dog. As already mentioned, the puppies should go to socialization and "bon ton" school. Without raising the crest.

Rhodesian Ridgeback: nutrition and care

A dog like the Rhodesian Ridgeback it needs to be fed completely and healthily. And balanced, without ever running the risk of getting fat and weighing down. Agility is its beauty and, lively as he is, he couldn't bear to become a slow, clumsy dog. This breed requires special attention for the post lunch nap which avoids digestive problems.

For the rest the Rhodesian Ridgeback enjoys excellent health and can withstand any temperature, it is a good companion for long walks as well she loves being outdoors. Just beware of insect bites. Despite or thanks to the crest, it does not need to be groomed frequently.

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