How to deflate the belly

How to deflate the belly

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How to deflate the belly: tricks and strategies to have a flat stomach. From the elimination of air to methods for burning visceral fat (stomach and belly fat).

To have oneFlat stomachand a toned abdomen you need to embrace a healthy diet complemented by physical exercise. Sometimes, however, theswollen bellyit is not dictated by an accumulation of fat, digestive problems can cause an unpleasant sensationswollen belly after eatingas well as problems ofconstipationcan cause excessive buildup ofgasin the belly.

With the termbellywe refer to the entire intestinal system: our intestine can be imagined as a "tube" that iflying downit can reach a length of almost 9 meters! Given the complexity of the digestive tract, the reasons that make it yours swollen belly they can be multiple and the causes can be psychosomatic disorders. Stress and anxiety can give rise to a number of symptoms including swollen belly, heartburn and shortness of breath. Before asking you abouthow to deflate the belly quickly, try to investigate the causes and do not hesitate to involve your doctor.

How to deflate the belly quickly

THEnatural remediesthey can help youdeflate the bellyin a short time.

Star anise essential oil

Star anise essential oil plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. It helps reduce bloating and aerophagia (intestinal gas or swollen belly), protects the intestinal flora and fights gastritis. It has important antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

We advise you to choose essential oil produced from organic farming in order to buy an organic oil that is as natural as possible. For the sake of completeness, we refer you to the Amazon purchase page where a 10 ml bottle of100% Pure Star Anise Organic Essential Oilis offered at a price of € 7.95 with free shipping.


The popularity of activated carbon is related to its ability to eliminate excess gas accumulated in the intestinal tract. It helps to deflate the belly and above all to eliminate toxins and waste. For more information, please refer to the pageCharcoal, properties and contraindications. Its use is not recommended in conjunction with the intake of drugs because it could hinder its absorption.

How to deflate the belly after giving birth

Therebellyof a woman does not appear in great shape after giving birth. There are those who are lucky enough to recover pre-pregnancy elasticity within a few weeks, but this is a luxury for a few.

In case of a bellyflaccid it is recommended to fill up withVitamin E and to do targeted exercises to tone the abdominal muscles. Before starting any training session, the woman should make sure she feels full of energy, especially if she has gone through a cesarean delivery. There swollen belly after childbirthit is very common and its duration varies from woman to woman, an adequate water supply is recommended to tighten the time.

How to deflate the belly and stomach

A healthy diet can make your body look better. If you are aiming for a flat stomach and a toned stomach, there are some foods that can help you.

Blueberries are rich in flavonoids, vitamin A and vitamin C. They provide micronutrients with high antioxidant activity. Not only will they help you burn belly fat but they will decrease your chances of developing heart disease and diabetes.

Grapefruit can also be a good ally, it brings a substance known asnarigenin, an antioxidant that helps balance insulin levels and will help you"Keep hunger pangs at bay".

How to deflate a belly full of air

Also in this case, blueberries are highly recommended. Why are blueberries important to deflate the belly?
The presence ofexcess gasinbelly, in addition to hindering the normal flow, it involves the accumulation oftoxinsthat could remain in circulation. Blueberries will help you dispose of the waste accumulated in your body and prevent various related ailments. For all information on the virtues of blueberry, please read the article:blueberries, properties and benefits.

When it comes tobelly full of air, in addition to blueberries, another fruit can be useful: banana. Bananas are rich in indigestible fibers, which means that they cannot be absorbed by our digestive system so as to stimulate intestinal activity. Be sure to choose only well-ripened bananas - unripe or underripe bananas could have the opposite effect! A good smoothie given by yogurt rich in lactic ferments and a well-ripened banana can be the ideal snack fordeflate the belly full of air.

How to deflate the belly after eating

The feeling ofswollen belly after eatingit is proportional to the quantity and especially to the quality of the food you have ingested. If your lunch began with an Italian-style frying and ended with a dessert that arrived after about three courses .... the feeling of a swollen belly after eating is more than legitimate!

Consider that there are several foods that carry onecertain amount of airinto our stomach and from there into our intestines. If you have a habit of eating chewing gum, miss it! Just as you should avoid carbonated drinks, alcohol and stimulating drinks rich in caffeine, theine, taurine ... Even some legumes and vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cabbage can give you a feeling of a bloated stomach but in this case the sensation should not persist for long.

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