Pinscher: character, treatment, price and disease

Pinscher: character, treatment, price and disease

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The pinscher is a German dog, recognized by the FCI and included in the section of the Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Swiss Cattle Dogs. Someone associates it with the Dobermann, as if it were its "slightly smaller" version but it is a race apart and there are no bonds except in the eyes of the beholder.

The first entry in the Origins Books dates back to 1879 for the average pinscher. There is also the toy version, or dwarf version, and it has been official since 1900: called "Zwergpinscher"At home.

Pinscher: origins

The Pinscher it has very ancient origins and its ancestor seems to be the "German Ratte", a dog from centuries ago. As I mentioned, today some describe it as the reduced version of "Dobermann", But in reality it is absolutely not a copy of the Dobermann reduced by selection, if we want to investigate its real origins, we discover that the Pinscher derives ... from itself. Not only…

To have it as we see it today in the mid-nineteenth century there was also a tightening on the quality of the hair. In fact, in the litters of the times, even hard-haired subjects appeared from time to time: to avoid this characteristic "disturbing" the purity of the race, it was decided that only those dogs that descended from at least three generations with short hair could be registered in the Origins Book. This rather tough decision however led to the real stabilization of the breed. Once upon a time the Pinscher it was intended as a companion dog but was later promoted to utility dog ​​thanks to its dowry as an excellent guardian.

Pinscher: wait

The Pinscher it is characterized by its muscular and decidedly square structure. Almost geometrically speaking. The thing has a high hairline and in some countries it is allowed to cut it, fortunately not in Italy, it is illegal. The physique of this dog is very sturdy and the musculature is evident and well distributed, the trunk is not very broad and the back appears slightly steep while its average size provides a height at the withers of about 43-48cm.

The head of a Pinscher it is elongated and the muzzle pointed, the nose is always black and does not depend on the coat. The coat is uniform and is always smooth, short and close. It is very important that it is lucid: one of the much desired characteristics for this dog and much appreciated. Glossy, therefore, but it can be of various colors. Those allowed are deer red and black and tan.

Pinscher: character

The Pinscher he is very proud, he is energetic and vital, he is a courageous dog but he also loves to play with children and ... sometimes you need to have courage for this too. It is a great companion dog but also an excellent one watchdog, despite not having a frightening size. On the other hand it is very attentive and alert, intelligent like few other dogs and definitely… a smart guy, it seems.

In addition to become fond of children, with whom he is very happy, is also a dog that bonds with his master and becomes his walking companion. He defends him and defends his home. It is quite easy to train a Pinscher for his intelligence and upright behavior: he is not a "rebellious" dog and he has a perseverance and a determination which I dare say are enviable. At least for me.

Pinscher: care

Thanks to the short, and above all shiny coat, the Pinscher it is a dog that does not require a lot of care. Of course, let's brush it every now and then and don't neglect it but without going crazy. Instead, it is much more important, also for health and beauty of his fur, that a dog of this breed can do a lot of physical activity and that it is fed correctly.

It is a muscular dog so it certainly does not have to perish but being robust, it must "keep strong". Suffers from the cold as a breed, it is best not to subject it to low temperatures or to stressful snow or frost: it could get sick. It has a good health, he is not inclined to get sick but if he has his own kennel, perhaps in the garden, it is important that it is a clean and WARM environment!

Dwarf Pinscher or Pinscher toy

Although the term "Pinscher toy”This is an incorrect reference to the breed standard.

The only types of German Pinscher known are two: the Medium Pinscher and the Dwarf pinscher (or Zwergpinscher).

The Medium Pinscher and the dwarf one have the same physical characteristics apart from the dimensions: short and shiny hair, elongated head, pointed muzzle, same colors allowed and same shape of the eyes, always dark.

The Dwarf pinscher it is therefore a "reduced model" of German Pinscher, other than Dobermann. It is also said Zwergpinscher and the first small specimen was officially attested around 1900. The standard attributed to him is identical to that of the medium but on a smaller scale. All the more reason here is a perfect dog to do company and defend the house, even in the apartment.

Pinscher: price

A puppy of Pinscher to get an idea it could cost you from 500 euros up but the prices "dance" enough and you should not be surprised if for some "promising" specimens they ask you € 1,000! The Pinscher it is a very appreciated and rather widespread dog even if in some areas it has not yet "arrived". This is not true in the United States where there is a lot going on. In Italy it has become known a lot even if in recent years the ENCI members have decreased a bit.

Pinscher: diseases

The Pinscher, like many other dog breeds, it is affected by various diseases. Among the most common are infectious hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus, rabies and hepatic leptospirosis.

These are just some of the most common diseases that affects the Pinscher, the advice is to always consult your trusted veterinarian before launching into hasty diagnoses.

To prevent this type of disease, it is advisable to submit your dog to all the recommended vaccinations, with the relative periodic reminders, and to buy your puppy only from reliable breeders.

In the event that the seller of the puppy has not taken steps to deworm it, it is essential to do it as soon as possible to avoid serious problems for your four-legged friend. It is also very important to provide all appropriate treatments against fleas and ticks.

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