Seasickness, natural remedies

Seasickness, natural remedies

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Seasickness, natural remedies, homeopathy and causes. From herbs to do-it-yourself remedies to prevent and soothecar sicknessand car sickness.

In English, seasickness and motion sickness are grouped under the name of a single disordermotion sickness, “Motion” because it is the conflict between the sense organs that perceive movement to generate this disturbance. While some sense organs tell the brain that we are immobile, the balance organs send signals of movement. This conflict, in some subjects, is not tolerated and so i symptoms of seasickness and car sickness,namely headache, nausea and in the most acute cases, vomiting.

How to prevent seasickness and car sickness

What you eat first, what and how much you drink, as well as the quality of the air you breathe before you travel, can affect your seasickness or car sickness. In this paragraph, we will list some behaviors that may be useful for preventing seasickness. Use these tips in combination with natural remedies.

  • - Get the right amount of rest. Fatigue negatively affects the symptoms of seasickness.
  • - Make sure you are well hydrated. In the 48 hours before your trip by ship or car, drink small glasses of water at regular intervals. Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • - Eat light foods. Feed on foods that are easy to digest. Experts suggest ingesting small portions of high-protein foods such as meat, fish, beans or eggs.
  • - During the trip by ship, take a bottle of water with you to continue to keep your body hydrated.
  • - During the car trip, try to sit in a position where you can wander and look into the distance with your eyes. On a cruise or during a ship crossing, exit the cabin and go to the deck to observe the horizon. On a cruise, the fresh air on the upper deck and the right ventilation will help you breathe.
  • - Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee or energy drinks.

The prevention of seasickness and car sickness can be performed every day through nutrition. It would appear that theVitamin Bcan play a protective role against seasickness and motion sickness. In particular thevitamin B6: Vitamin B6 deficiency is often included among the causes of seasickness and motion sickness. There is no shortage of vitamin B6-based food supplements on the market, in view of a cruise or a boat trip, you can hypothesize (with your GP) the intake of these supplements.

Seasickness, natural remedies

Betweennatural remediesto theseasicknessfigure the infusion of ginger orginger. As an alternative to the infusion, betweenhomeopathic remediesinclude ginger pills and capsules (Zingiber officinale). Ginger can help you if you suffer from a lazy bowel, while if you have the opposite problem, it is better to avoid it and go for peppermint.

Mint can help you forprevent seasicknessand car sickness. It can prevent and soothe the feeling of nausea. Also in this case, homeopathy offers ad hoc preparations or you can use a few drops of peppermint essential oilperfect for relieving nausea from vomiting.

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is another herb that can help prevent seasickness and motion sickness. You can use any part of the plant but the most effective seems to be the seed.

Among the oldest natural remedies, so much so that it deserves the nickname ofgrandmother's remedies, there is the classic infusion of chamomile or the custom of chewing cloves or chewing and sucking on a stick of natural licorice.

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