Animal abuse: how to report it

Animal abuse: how to report it

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Animal abuse, anyone of us can notice them, then the choice is up to us. Turning around, getting indignant, screaming, denouncing… turning around is horrible, indignant, okay, but it's not very useful. Denounce it is important and in order not to have the excuse of not knowing how to do it, here is ... how to do it.

Animal abuse law

When we are faced with a animal abuse to decide it is the law. In criminal law, the offense is that provided for by art. 544-ter of the criminal code and speaks of two cases. The first is when "Anyone, out of cruelty or without necessity, causes an injury to an animal or subjects it to torture or behavior or fatigue or work that is unbearable due to its ethological characteristics is punished with imprisonment from 3 months to 18 months or with a fine of between 5,000 and 30,000 euros ".

For cruelty, it is good to clarify what is meant. The Supreme Court of Cassation specifies that there is cruelty if you act under the pressure "of an abject or futile motive" or even in the presence of "particular complacency or insensitivity" to the action of animal abuse. In short, it is a question of “inflicting severe physical suffering without justified reason”.

The second case of animal abuse it is when drugs or prohibited substances are administered to them, causing damage to their health. It seems pretty clear to me. The same law on animal abuse it also provides for a penalty increase "by half if the animal's death derives from the facts".

More concretely, let us ask ourselves the problem of animal abuse when we see or know that someone causes an injury, subjects them to torture, behavior or fatigue or work that is unbearable due to their specific characteristics, or to treatments that damage them. To add, the drug administration or toxic substances.

A clarification, so as not to question too much about the why and wherefore of certain reprehensible actions. The concept of the absence of need for a certain cruel behavior against an animal. We reason on the contrary: "violent" acts - as little as possible "- are not punished only if, as the Supreme Court of Cassation says, they are committed" to avoid imminent danger or legally appreciable damage ".

In this legislative framework, updated several times, there remains a not just ambiguity: we are talking about "Injury" and "torture" and you think, you wink, it is almost obvious that we are talking about physical injury. But what if it is a case of beatings that leave no physical damage? And if, without explicitly beating it, we put the animal in conditions of fear and or suffering? The judge will most likely decide by evaluating the case.

Previous animal abuse law

A small historical - legal excursus only for a "curiosity" that makes us understand how the attitude of the people has changed institutional bodies and ours, as citizens, with respect to animal abuse. Today the law speaks of "feeling towards animals on the part of us humans", in previous laws that concerned the cases of animal abuse reference was made to a certain vague feeling of human pity. The mentality officially changed in 2004 with the new version of the law of that year, then revised again in 2010.

Furthermore, before the entry into force of the Law 20 July 2004, n. 189, the one that spoke of vague human piety read like this "Whoever gets cruel towards animals or without necessity subjects them to torture or torture or to behaviors and unbearable efforts due to their characteristics (...) o keeps them in conditions incompatible with their nature o abandons pets or animals that have acquired habits of captivity is punished with a fine ranging from € 1,032 to € 9,649 ". I would like to point out that this provision protected not animals but human morality that could have been "perhaps" harmed by the sight of episodes of animal abuse.

Report animal abuse

To report a case of animal abuse, whether as a private citizen, or an association or organization, you can contact any body of Judicial Police: all, all are competent for crimes of animal mistreatment as well as for the rest relating to the environment and animal protection. It is not at all true, therefore, that, being animals, only the Zoofile Guards can be consulted. Like them, with no difference in effectiveness, we can report a animal abuse to Carabinieri, State Police, Guardia di Finanza, Forestry Corps, Traffic Police, etc ...

The complaint can be made in person or by phone, especially if prompt intervention is required. Since 2010 also with an SMS. When we proceed against the animal abuse in writing, no special stamps or forms are required: plain paper but with all the necessary information.

Any witnesses and our personal data. The denunciation of a animal abuse it must then be presented to a Judicial Police Office or to the Registry of the Public Prosecutor at the Magistrate's Court.

Anonymous report of animal abuse

Since 2010, precisely from 5 June, it is possible to make a complaint of animal abuse even in anonymous form, thanks to the SMS service. Still activated, it allows you to report a animal abuse we know about and have seen. The number to send information to is 348 7611439, without neglecting the type of abused animal, the type of mistreatment and the exact address in which it occurred or still occurs.

Managed by AIDAA, the service then informs the police of the animal abuse to act: useful because it allows anonymity and is in real time, so it is more likely to "catch" the guilty in the act of crime. A great satisfaction, anonymously or not.

Animal abuse toll-free number

Who to call in the case of animal abuse? If we don't want or can't text, just call the toll-free number for abandonment or animal abuse: 800 253 608. It is made available by the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of the Environment in agreement with the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Territory. Via email, which is always green and free, and you can proceed by writing to [email protected] and in this case you can also attach photos and written or video documentation.

For completeness I point out that it Animal rights desk, open to the public for information and reports, active in many Italian municipalities. Also active and present LAV, against the animal abuse, with information and awareness campaigns, also through its website Speaking of awareness, let's start with the new generations to whom I recommend giving these books by Ermanno Giudici and Nadia Ghiraudo: "The cry of the innocents. What lies behind the world of pets“.

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