Travel for free while teaching: Bedandlearn is here

Travel for free while teaching: Bedandlearn is here

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Traveling for free, teaching. A barter of knowledge and human and social experiences that is priceless. I consider it a gain, and I would allow myself to talk about traveling profitably in the case of Bedandlearn. By explaining what it is, I'm sure you will agree with me. Unless you are one of those who "if you don't jingle a coin in your pocket" are at a loss.

Bedandlearn is based on the logic of "I host you, you teach me“, Applied in a two-way, repetitive way, if desired, and with all the variants that the human mind knows. This site for travel for free allows you to range across the geographic universe, and the universe of knowledge. You can choose the continent, just like the discipline to be learned or taught.

By clicking you get in touch with those who like us want travel for free with the body and with the mind, respectively starting or learning something new. No expenses for accommodation, no expenses for .. English lessons? Sewing? Photography? Kitchen? Add crochet, ikebana and anything else we may want to learn. Or, think about what you could teach and choose a goal to reach by proposing yourself as a teacher.

There is no path or destiny already written or a preferential way for travel for free and surf Bedandlearn: it is a community for those who love travel for free - and who is not? - and is willing to break ranks.

No dazzle from billboard offers with palm trees and airplanes, no to canonical channels from tour operators, the journey with this site assumes a value of exchange and social and human experience that has no price. In fact, no one pays anything, you browse the site as if you were walking in a square where supply and demand meet both with a high rate of intellectual and cultural growth.

Social network is an understatement, however Bedandlearn: we need to talk about 'Travel network' where the barter principle reigns supreme. based on barter.

Reachable from everywhere, Bedandlearn was born in Pescara to "dodge" the hard blows that the crisis could have inflicted on the possibility, and the right, of travel and learn, that each of us should have. Young people are the first recipients, but anyone who wants to travel and learn is young, so no age limit to enter the community created by Tiziano Tatonetti, who has been hanging out in the world of information technology and the web for over 30 years.

With him, in addition to software developers, a team of very young bloggers. An example for everyone, Sara who, with her three fluent languages ​​and propensity for socialization, has over 30,000 followers, many also English and Spanish, bloggers and travel bloggers.

If free travel is the rule, con Bedandlearn, let alone if it is not the registration to the community and the insertion of ads. Just sign up, entering the main information required that gives shape to a sort of profile. Other users will see who we are and what we offer or ask for.

The number of announcements and proposals is unlimited, even the kilometers to be covered for the dreamed destination, as well as the quantity of photographs and videos supplied. The more we tell each other, the greater the stimulus and curiosity to get in touch, to travel free by teaching, to teach free by traveling. To barter expected and unexpected moments of life.

All that remains is to travel for free, with mind, body and spirit, on initiative, by visiting the site

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