How to recycle used clothes

How to recycle used clothes

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How to recycle used clothes: instructions, step by step, to give used clothes a second life. Here's how to reuse used fabrics and clothes. 

Bags, trivets, earrings, coasters, used clothes can really be an inexhaustible source for DIY, step by step instructions to create truly unique objects.

We often don't know what to wear yet, at least once a year, we should wear one "waste" of discarded clothes, the ones we no longer wear.

In this article we will suggest you how to recycle used clothes, many ideas to give it new life and create really useful objects!

How to recycle used clothes, charity

Before telling you how to recycle used clothes it is right (albeit obvious) to talk about charity.

Three golden rules for recycling used clothes by donating them to charity:

  • Donate clothes you no longer wear, but give those in good condition, would you wear a shirt with holes or a jacket without a sleeve?
  • Be generous, it is often difficult to separate from clothes precisely because they are "in good condition" but will you ever wear it? No? Then make a gesture of altruism.
  • Look around, maybe in your neighborhood there are people who would gladly wear clothes left to rot in a closet, non-profit organizations, associations, but also neighbors, friends, give away, donate ... charity makes you feel better!

Creative recycling with used clothes

How to recycle used clothes: jeans that become a bag

You don't need to be an expert tailor to sew a bag out of an old pair of jeans. A little attention will be enough to recycle a garment you no longer wear by creating a trenty bag.

You need to make a DIY bag with jeans:

  • an old pair of jeans;
  • fabric (to line the bag internally);
  • a pair of scissors;
  • needle and cotton;
  • adhesive veltro and / or a zip (you can find them in haberdashery);
  • hot glue (for the most inexperienced with tailoring).

Instructions for making a DIY bag with jeans

  • cut the "legs" of the jeans at crotch height;
  • pay attention to unstitch all the "annoying" seams that prevent you from accessing the interior of your future DIY bag created from used jeans;
  • put the jeans inside out and use the fabric to line the inside of the bag, if you really don't know how to use a needle and thread, you can use hot glue;
  • once the inside of the bag is lined, you just have to sew the bottom by making a fold and trying to make it "invisible" (later you can also apply decorations so that any defect disappears), also in this case you can opt for hot;
  • the legs of the jeans? Don't throw them in the dustbin! You will need them to create the bag handles. Just cut them according to the size (and length) that you want to give to the DIY bag, you can tie them forming a rope or make them rigid with chopsticks purchased in haberdashery;
  • at this point you have to sew the zip to close the bag, alternatively or for greater safety you can apply the adhesive velcro, perhaps with hot glue, in order to fix it firmly;
  • your DIY bag is ready, you just have to decorate it with beads or other flaps of leftover fabric or leave it raw, it will still have its charm!

How to recycle used clothes: DIY earrings

Who would have thought that you could create DIY earrings with used clothes! Yet the result is not bad at all, you just need a lot of imagination! A few items will be enough, such as flaps of cloth made from used clothes and nuns!

Needed to create DIY earrings by recycling used clothes

  • flaps of cloth;
  • wadding;
  • nuns;
  • hot glue;
  • wire

Instructions for laundering used clothes: DIY earrings

  • Cut squares of colored fabric, according to the color you will choose the fruit to propose again. Yes, you read that right, the fruit, the earrings will in fact have the shape of a fruit!
  • Use the cotton wool to give a shape to the earrings, a cherry apple or, why not, a banana !;
  • Secure everything with hot glue;
  • Apply the hook with glue or, even better, using a flap of wire to fit and glue from inside the earrings;
  • The earrings are ready to be worn, just pay close attention to the nun, if it is not fixed well you risk losing your DIY jewelry!

DIY coasters

Do you have an old denim jacket that you no longer wear? Maybe it is creased and you have lost all the buttons? Is the size too big because you have lost weight? If you really don't know who to give it to, use the fabric to create some very comfortable coasters made with the recycled dress!

In the past, jeans were used by workers as workwear, precisely because of the incredible resistance of this material, why throw it away?

Material to create coasters with recycled clothes

  • Old denim jacket;
  • Scissors;
  • Hot glue or specific for fabrics

How to recycle used clothes to make coasters: instructions

  1. Cut strips of fabric of about 4 cm;
  2. Fold the strips of fabric like an accordion, in order to give it greater thickness (in theory you should use only the hems of the jacket but following these indications you can also use the other parts of the garment);
  3. Put a layer of glue on each side, in order to fix the folds (do not overdo it with the glue otherwise the strip will be too hard and not very ductile;
  4. Once you have created this flexible denim “stick”, you just have to roll it up on itself, creating a spiral;
  5. Here you have created your coasters, so as not to make a mistake before gluing everything, check the size of the spiral obtained, in order to adjust for the cutting of the strips!


Following the same procedure as in the previous tutorial, you could use used jeans (jackets or trousers) to create useful trivets with a rustic design! You will just have to cut longer strips and create larger spirals so that they fit into the bottom of the pots! Your friends will love them.

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