Multi-purpose bicycle stroller: the TagaBike revolution

Multi-purpose bicycle stroller: the TagaBike revolution

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Multi-purpose bicycle stroller: a brilliant idea with a strong green value because it allows mothers and fathers to move with their child in maximum safety, even for long journeys.

TagaBike, it is a "real multipurpose bicycle" and has nothing to do with a simple child seat or with "bike trailers": your child will in fact be positioned right in front of you, comfortably seated as in a normal stroller and with looking forward so that he can enjoy the same view that you have and avoiding the discomfort of having his eyes and head turned in the opposite direction to that of travel.

TagaBike is a vehicle with great stability because it has three wheels and is also suitable for those who cannot ride normal two-wheeled bicycles… and when you arrive at your destination in 20 seconds it turns into a normal stroller.

Multi-purpose bicycle stroller: the ideal solution also to stay in shape

Cycling with your TagaBike will also allow you to stay in shape without leaving your little one but on the contrary, sharing your moments of relaxation in the open air with him.

Cycling is one of the activities most recommended by dieticians and nutritionists to burn calories and improve the cardiovascular system, because it allows you to exercise with moderate but prolonged effort.

TagaBike is also perfect for two children

TagaBike has a modular structure and customized accessories that allow it to be used with a baby or child up to about six to seven years and also to transport two children at a time in maximum safety and respecting the legal constraints which in fact provide for the prohibition to carry. two children on two-wheeled bicycles. TagaBike, having 3 wheels, is instead approved and authorized for the transport of two children.

Many mothers also use TagaBike to go shopping without their baby because the stroller can be replaced by a special and roomy "maxi-basket" to contain the shopping.

TagaBike is easily transportable even in the car because it can be folded in seconds and put in the boot: no problem to enjoy your multi-purpose bicycle even at the sea or in the mountains!

The TagaBike folded and stored in the trunk

TagaBike's cutting-edge technology

The TagaBike project was developed by TAGA, a company founded in 2001 and focused on technological innovations, mainly in the medical device sector. This specialization has allowed TAGA engineers to design a vehicle that respects the child's physiology and optimizes the posture for those who are driving.

TAGA engineers and designers come from 4 countries: the Netherlands, Taiwan, Israel and the United States and have created many products that have received prestigious awards.

TagaBike immediately received numerous authoritative awards: Eurobike 2008 (cycling sector), Kind & Jugens Innovation and BizzyBaby (childhood sector), Reddot & I.F. product (design area) but you can read the complete list of awards and recognitions achieved by TAGA products on the dedicated page of the official website. Among the most successful projects are ReWalk and CoreAlign.

To design the TagaBike, TAGA made use of the best specialized engineers in the world bicycle industry who collaborated on the project as consultants and external collaborators.

The current owner of TAGA was also one of the first users of the TagaBike and having three young daughters had the project at heart in a particular way. The TagaBike was therefore also born to meet his needs as a parent and as is well known the best products are those designed by those who actually need them for personal use!

A dad out and about on the TagaBike multi-purpose bicycle with his child

Safety first of all

A means of transport that must fulfill the function of Multi-purpose bicycle stroller must have the safety. And safety must be proven with official facts and certifications and in this regard TAGA is approved in both bicycle and stroller mode in Europe, the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

However, here is the list of certifications obtained by TagaBike:

  • EN1888: 2003 - European standard for strollers
  • EN14764 - European standard for city bikes
  • ASTM F833 - US standard for strollers
  • AS / NZS 2088: 2000 - Australian / New Zealand standard for strollers
  • 16 CFR 1303 - USA SPSC - prohibition of lead containing paint
  • EN71 part 2 + 3 - European flammability and toxicity standard
  • EN14184 - European formaldehyde standard
  • BS5852 - UK flammability standard

There safety of TagaBike it is then guaranteed first of all by having three wheels which give the medium a great stability and the fact of positioning "The young passenger" right in front of you, so it can be always under your visual control.

However, TagaBike is not a normal tricycle but a vehicle designed using the knowledge of the best mechanical and ergonomic design experts.

During the tests, TAGA was tested and passed all tests with loads of 500 kg, an important result because when we hit a hole while pedaling, the real pressure of the weight for a few fractions of a second multiplies by 10 times!

A test phase to which the TagaBike is subjected

The price of the TagaBike

The TagaBike can be purchased at a price of 1,695 Euros, more than justified for the quality of the product and to be able to absorb the costs for the design and certification necessary to guarantee maximum product safety. TagaBike is a multipurpose bicycle stroller beautiful, functional and efficient that we will use with the creature we care about most in our life! :-)

For more information on TagaBike you can visit the official website:

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