DIY shelves, instructions

DIY shelves, instructions

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DIY shelves: instructions, step by step, to build shelves using different materials, including recycled materials (pallets, wooden planks, retractable supports…).

In this article we will give you some original ideas to make very useful DIY shelvesfor any domestic environment, from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the study. Why should you make DIY shelves? Simple:

  • To save money;
  • To recycle items that would otherwise be thrown away
  • To personalize an environment making it truly unique.

How to make DIY shelves with pallets

Pallets are truly a DIY lover's best friend. Here's how you could make cute DIY shelves with pallets. For more ideas on how to reuse pallets:creative pallet recycling.

Needed to make DIY shelves with pallets

  • 1 pallet (the size depends on the size you want to give to your DIY shelf);
  • Sander;
  • Wooden planks (also in this case the size depends on the size of the homemade shelf);
  • Wood glue;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Iron hooks;
  • Cementite;
  • Specific varnish for wood.

Instructions for making DIY shelves with pallets

  1. If the pallet is too big, use the hacksaw to get the size you prefer.
  2. Once you have carved your pallet, make the surface of the wood smooth with the sander, pay attention to the corners;
  3. According to the size of your pallet, cut some strips of wood that will act as a "bottom" (so that the objects you are going to put away on the DIY shelf do not fall!).
  4. Use the glue to stick the bottom of your shelf, let it dry for the time indicated on the package.
  5. Now you can proceed with the cementite, which will make the surface of your shelves even smoother.
  6. Paint the DIY shelf with the wood paint in the color of your choice. If necessary, apply a second coat to obtain a brighter color.
  7. With wood screws, attach the hooks to the top of the pallet.
  8. Your shelf is ready to hang on the wall!

At the end of the page, a creative video for recycling pallets to make a shelf for the home.

How to make DIY retractable shelves

Nowadays in DIY stores there are kits that allow anyone to create many furnishing items, such as DIY retractable shelves, with a particularly modern design.

Material to create DIY shelves retractable

  • Supports for retractable shelves;
  • Shelves with holes for dowels;
  • Electric drill;
  • Level;
  • Wrench (to tighten the dowels);
  • Rubber hammer;
  • A pencil;

Instructions for making DIY retractable shelves

  1. Mark with a pencil, the points on the wall where you will mount the shelf, use the level to make sure that the shelf is straight against the wall.
  2. With the electric drill go to drill the two holes in the wall, remember to first use a smaller bit than the dowels and later the one of the same size. This way you will get more precise and smudge-free results.
  3. Once you have made the holes, by hand, start inserting the plugs into the wall.
  4. With a wrench tighten the boards of the dowels until they are firmly fixed.
  5. Now you can take the shelf and make sure that the plugs and holes fit together perfectly.
  6. Push the shelf against the wall and use the rubber-coated hammer to make the DIY shelf more stable retractable.
  7. Your DIY shelf retractable is ready for use!

DIY shelves with wooden boards or planks

Do you have wooden planks in your garage that you don't use or are about to throw away? Recycle them using them to create rustic DIY shelves!

The result will surprise you. In DIY stores you will find many products that can give new life to old wood. With these products, which are often used as normal paints, you will carry out a real wood restoration work.

We remind you that, for this kind of do-it-yourself it is always good to be two. Ask your partner or a friend, it's a good opportunity to get together and do something different!

How to build DIY shelves with old wooden planks: necessary

  • Wooden boards;
  • Aluminum shelf supports (ask the shopkeeper for advice on suitable anchors for the weight of the shelf and possibly the objects you are going to place on it);
  • Flatting (glossy or matt depending on the result you want to achieve);
  • Drill;
  • Large mesh sandpaper;
  • Electric hacksaw;
  • Screws for wood;
  • A pencil;
  • level

Instructions for making DIY shelves from old wooden planks

  1. The ideal would be to use the wooden plank as it is, but if the size does not coincide with your needs, use an electric jigsaw to get the dimensions you need.
  2. To make the surface of yours DIY shelf smooth and pleasant to the touch. Use the sandpaper being careful not to miss any point.
  3. After smoothing the wood, mark the points on the board where you are going to screw the plugs with a pencil, help yourself by placing the board on a table.
  4. In the meantime, use flatting to give new life to the wood, follow the instructions on the package.
  5. When the flatting is dry you have to screw the steel dowels to the future shelf. Using the drill, attach the steel supports to the wooden plank with screws.
  6. Once the steel shelf supports have been screwed to the axis, you can proceed with the definition of the point where you are going to drill the wall.
  7. Use a spirit level to mark the precise points where you are going to fix the aluminum supports, in this way the shelf it will be installed without slopes.
  8. With the help of a drill, fix your fantasy to the wall DIY shelf.

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