Scottish Terrier: character and price

Scottish Terrier: character and price

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Scottish Terrier, Scottie for friends, Aberdeen Terrier for enemies, for the passionate dog “Diehard” because he dies hard, as George Earl of Dumbarton already claimed in the 19th century. And don't confuse it with it Miniature Schnauzer, because it is a companion dog but also a guard dog and could get annoyed in an annoying way. Here is one of the five breeds of the Terrier group with Scottish origins, his companions are Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont and West Highland White Terrier.

Especially widespread in Great Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Italy, France and Australia, the Scottish Terrier obviously born in Scotland, he is small but definitely of character.

Scottish Terrier: origins

There are those who consider it Scottish Terrier the oldest of the Highland Terriers, in reality the story is quite complex because at the time there was a lot of confusion with the pedigrees of the 5 dogs of the group, for which there are discordant versions. It is certain that the race of the Scottish is closely related to the West Highland White Terrier.

They are dogs from the beginning trained to hunt and kill, created with the aim of tracking down and exterminating animals intruding on farms, such as badgers and foxes. Indeed, in the land of Scotland, the owners took them by the tail to pull them out of the dens of the animals they were hunting. Allo Scottish Terrier the mania of digging remained, like all Terriers, in fact the name recalls the earth, not by chance.

The first performance at which the Scottish Terrier participated was in 1879 at the Alexander Palace in England, the first standard, appeared in the "Illustrated Book of the Dog" by Vero Shaw, was published in 1880. In 1881 the first club in the world dedicated to this breed was born, the "Scottish Terrier Club of England", while for the "Scottish Terrier Club of Scotland" we will have to wait until 1888. The standard that currently makes reference is however the result of a revision of 1930, meanwhile our Scottie had already arrived in America at that time, becoming popular between the two world wars and, since 1936, the third most popular dog in the United States.

Scottish Terrier: appearance

Small and tough, muscular and tough: lo Scottish Terrier it is not a dog you want to have on your heels, as a prey. He has a broad and round chest, short legs, a compact and vigorous physique, with a long head compared to the rest but which remains harmonious overall. Its ears and tail are erect, peculiar, and the eyes are slightly almond-shaped, small and attentive, dark brown or tending to black.

Small size in the case of Scottish Terrier means about 10 inches tall at the withers and 10 Kg, 9 for the female. Typical of this dog is the coat, not pleasant to stroke: rough, bristly, long and resistant to bad weather. Underneath there is a soft and thick undercoat, however, always to be taken care of so that it remains so. Black is the typical color for one Scottie, but if you also see the coat it can vary from dark gray to black.

Then there is the "Wheaten", a straw color tending to white, or the "Brindle", a mix of black and brown, not to be confused with the breeds Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier or West Highland White Terrier. A very characteristic feature of the Scottish Terrier and a few others is the presence of a beard and eyebrows with longer hair that give him an expression that is sometimes funny, sometimes frowning. The hair is instead shaved on the head, ears, tail and back.

Scottish Terrier: character

Although playful and cheerful, the Scottish Terrier they are famous for their independence and confidence that they show off in a haughty and not always nice way. They are undoubtedly intelligent dogs, exaggeratedly alert - like Terriers - fast and stubborn. Absurdly stubborn.

Their determination of steel, for better or for worse, is summed up in the nickname of “Diehard”. There are those who see one Scottish Terrier he thinks he has a cold temperament, in reality he is very fond of, and is extremely faithful both when it comes to family, property and territory. In fact, he then defends them with unheard of courage. Very sensitive and never impetuous, it is Scottish Terrier it is an excellent guard dog, also because it barks in the presence of strangers without ever getting distracted. It is not always pleasant, it is true, but it is a certainty.

In the presence of threatening strangers, they are dogs that do not miss anything, but if we go for a walk it is better to keep them on a leash close to us, they could see too many enemies among passers-by and barking too much. Or they'll go digging in a flower bed, as it's a Terrier habit.

Scottish Terrier: puppies

The puppies of the Scottish Terrier they immediately have a very strong character and it is easy for them to become attached to the person who first pays them more attention in the first period of life. Once it is decided that she is the favorite, it is difficult to convince them to change love, and they recognize only one master. With the others of the family they remain amiable, but very stubborn and it is not certain that they give in giving them reason as happens, every now and then, with the master.

The stubbornness of the Scottish Terrier it requires very early and decisive training, not violent or bad, but on the pulse. The puppies are immediately fearless and care must be taken because they do not care about the demographic difference: they can become aggressive with other dogs even much larger.

Scottish Terrier: health and care

A misfortune of this breed is the high percentage of cancer cases, compared to the average. To help him Scottish Terrier to prevent cancer we can make sure that it does not come into contact with pesticides, solvents and cigarette smoke, be careful with pesticides and feed it with foods rich in vitamins, low carbohydrates, lots of vegetables.

Movement, daily, is also very beneficial and not only in the prevention of cancer, but in general: treated in this way, it is Scottish Terrier it can live up to 12 years. As for the hair, it must be well cared for, at least two to three times a year. Furthermore, we must provide for a particular grooming (stripping) which highlights its particular aesthetic, then the coat must be brushed every two to three weeks, being rough hair.

Scottish Terrier: curiosity

It happens and it has often happened that it is Scottish Terrier has won the hearts of famous personalities in the field of art and entertainment, if not of famous kings and sovereigns. It is also the only dog ​​breed that has lived in the White House 3 times: first with Franklin D. Roosevelt who did not move without taking with him Fala, then always with the same president came Duffy and Mr. Duffy. More recently George reported it Scottish Terrier in the House, or rather two: Barney and Miss Beazley.

Among the VIPs who fell in love with the breed and kept one, there are Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Liza Minnelli, Queen Victoria and Shirley Temple. This breed is also very popular on movie sets: one Scottie famous is Lilli's Whiskey and the Tramp, for example. Here comes one Scottish Terrier also on the label of Black & White whiskey and among the pieces of the board game Monopoly (in the British edition). It was not desired even as a mascot: it appears on the packaging of "Chum" - a brand of dog food - and is included in the emblem of the Juicy Couture clothing line.

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