Small Italian Greyhound: character and price

Small Italian Greyhound: character and price

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Little Italian greyhound, a full-fledged miniature greyhound, a little athlete refined and elegant like few other dogs, believe me. It is almost unanimously considered a model of grace and distinction. This dog breed, obviously of Italian origin, has been recognized by the FCI, combines grace and muscular power in a harmonious and decidedly small body: 5 Kg!

In addition to appearing in many works of art, over the years she has frequented numerous important figures in history, illustrious ladies and men of letters such as Frederick the Great and Catherine II of Russia. What had so impressed them about this Little Italian Greyhound? Let's find out.

Little Italian Greyhound: origins

The Little Italian Greyhound has very ancient origins, according to the fossils dating back to about 5000 years ago found in Egypt and considered to belong to dogs very similar to the present one. From Egypt they arrived in a flash in Italy, a land that is considered their true homeland. We are around the fifth century BC. when this breed crossed Laconia, in Greece, where it remained depicted on vases and terracotta, and arrived in the peninsula becoming immediately a protagonist.

There are indeed a number of depictions of Little Italian Greyhound that century after century we find leafing through art history books, a sign that this dog has always been liked. His history is intertwined with that of well-known Italians, starting with both Etruscan and Roman precursors, who portrayed him in carvings and sculptures, as well as dedicating written testimonies to him. We find it in the Middle Ages, painted even by Giotto, then in the Renaissance, with Michelangelo and then from brush to brush up to Giambattista Tiepolo and to date. Today it is easier to see it immortalized in photos then posted on social networks. The Italian Greyhound is always in splendid shape.

It has always been bred both as a hunting dog, its specialty was there pheasant and hare hunting but from the nineteenth century onwards his career has deviated towards a more social role. Today is a pet dog but very well considered, before the Second World War it had a strong moment of crisis. A sort of identity crisis: the race of Little Italian Greyhound he had in fact lost his hunting instinct and had only dwarf, fragile, very delicate specimens.

A disaster, until the redeeming turning point arrived in Italy. A brave and good woman rolled up her sleeves Marchesa Maria Luisa Encounters Lotteringhi della Stufa, owner of a historic breeding, he saved and redeemed the Italian Greyhound desired today and with numbers, at least in Italy, growing.

Little Italian Greyhound: appearance

Less than 40 cm at the withers, about 5 kg of weight: the Little Italian Greyhound is an indisputably dog ​​of small size, emblem of elegance and dynamism. Many consider him and call him an aerodynamic dog and they are not entirely wrong. Perhaps the basis of his particular gait is this specificity.

The structure is not as delicate as it seems, the trunk is in the square, it moves with grace and distinction, it remains impressed as it manages to combine speed and temper: over short distances it can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h. Among dogs the Little Italian Greyhound he can be elected as the gentle and refined, noble and handsome athlete. He wins, excels, but with class, never with impropriety or bravado. It is not an animal that pulls it off.

While not weak at all, it still has a dry and lean bone structure, a light build and elongated musculature. To give the idea of ​​a sinuous silhouette there are also the limbs, long and lean, and the narrow thorax, finally the long and thin tail. The muzzle is pointed, large, dark and rounded eyes appear, high "roofed" ears and an almost always black but still dark nose.

Little Italian Greyhound: colors

The hair of the Little Italian Greyhound it has the same length throughout the body, it is always smooth and satin, always pleasantly silky. This breed has no undercoat and the colors allowed by the standard for the coat are black, gray, slate and isabella. Whatever shade the Little Italian Greyhound he is always lively, affectionate and docile. Let us not be fooled by optical effects or impressions, it is not a weak dog at all, it does not have any physical problems and should not be kept "in the window". He is capable of great physical, as well as psychological tests: even his character of little greyhound is exceptional.

Little Italian Greyhound: character

Lively, intelligent, affectionate. Obedient, faithful, docile. The Piccolo Levriero Italiano is undoubtedly a great dog, an excellent life partner even for families with children. Apparently it is not a particularly expansive animal, it can give one impression of coldness, or seem indifferent to us even though we are the masters. It is an initial phase that passes quickly, it begins to show itself dignified and thoughtful, on its own, but then it opens up and swears us maximum fidelity life and 24 hours a day.

The Little Italian Greyhound he has the habit of becoming attached to only one person in particular, with strangers he is very shy as well as with other animals, with his hyper-helpful and lovable family. One of its characteristics is carrying the tail under the legs: it is not at all a sign of submission or fear. In fact, he moves confidently and harmoniously, agile and serene.

Small Italian Greyhound: breeding

In Italy there are about twenty Italian Greyhound farms that the ENCI reports on its website, most of them are in Lombardy (6), Lazio (3) and Tuscany (3), the rest are scattered from North to South in Umbria, Sardinia, Puglia, Piedmont, Countryside, Emilia Romagna and Lazio. These are farms guaranteed by the institution and find all the references on the site. The Little Italian Greyhound he is a rather serene dog to breed, he does not have great hereditary and non-hereditary physical problems, he is determined by character and athletic. This does not mean letting your guard down when returning to a kennel: we always check that the dogs are healthy, well kept and well behaved. And with pedigree and correct documents.

Small Italian Greyhound: price

A puppy of Little Italian Greyhound it can cost from one thousand to 1,600 euros in a properly managed farm. There are certainly lower prices, even specimens for sale by individuals, I am telling you about an average price that gives an idea of ​​how well this dog is considered. We talked about a model of elegance and dynamism, a title that has its price.

Little Italian Greyhound: adoptions

Adopt a Little Italian Greyhound it may be an idea. Adopting a dog is always a good idea, or almost. We must not do it randomly or caught by a wave of desire to save the world, because it is a commitment, to keep it. A practical but above all emotional commitment. In the case of the Little Italian Greyhound then, it must be considered that it is not a breed for everyone.

For the Chinese Crested doc as for the Little Italian Greyhound this center wants people who already have experience with the breed, due to the often uncommon character of these dogs which, in the case of adoptions, often have difficult situations behind them from which they come out deeply marked.

This shouldn't discourage us, but empower us. And maybe ask for advice directly at the center if the Little Italian Greyhound it's for us, or we can opt for another type of dog. Also from them we find many of other races or mestizos just as in need of us, of a home, of cuddles. And we, maybe we don't know, but we really need them.

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