How to take oats

How to take oats

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Oats is a cereal that contains many nutritional and beneficial properties; it is no coincidence that it is the cereal with the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals. Its beneficial properties for the skin are widely demonstrated, as well as its qualities in regulating intestinal transit.

For this reason, including oats at every meal, whether it's breakfast, snack or lunch, is one of the best habits for staying healthy.

How to take oats
There are many ways to integrate oats into your diet. It is typically consumed in two ways: in flakes or as bran. The main difference between the two lies in the process of the treatments to which the cereal is subjected to obtain these two variants.
Hulled oats are the whole grain, just cut and without the peel. To make oats into flakes, the peeled grain is dried and cut into smaller pieces and then cut into flakes. In the second case, that of the bran, the hulled oats are directly ground without removing anything from the grain of wheat.

The result is that oat bran is mainly formed by the outer layers of the grain, making it richer in protein and less carbohydrate than flaked oats. There is a tendency to consume more oat bran as it contains more nutrients, especially fiber.
Regardless of the variety we choose, consuming oats every day would help reduce blood cholesterol and regulate digestion.

The properties of oats
Oats are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats (unsaturated fats and linoleic acid), vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Thanks to this nutritional concentrate we can avoid the feeling of tiredness that occurs following a decrease in sugar.
The amount of protein present in oats is such that it surpasses any cereal, since no other contains such a concentrated amount. It even has a protein concentration as high as meat, milk and eggs. Oat flakes contain five of the eight essential amino acids: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine and phenylalanine, which makes this cereal the most complete that exists. In comparison, wheat contains only one essential amino acid, while barley and rye do not contain any.

Oats have beneficial properties for the skin. It can be found in different creams, ointments and soaps to moisturize and exfoliate it. Furthermore, baths based on this cereal would be used to fight various diseases, infections and skin irritations thanks to its emollient properties. In addition, it can also be a very effective home remedy for herpes.

Finally, this cereal has a large amount of fibers, which favor the correct intestinal transit and the reduction of cholesterol. For this reason, it is not only an effective remedy for constipation, but also reduces bile acids by decreasing their toxicity.

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