Welsh Terrier: character, breeding and price

Welsh Terrier: character, breeding and price

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Welsh Terrier, one of the many English Terriers, this comes from Wales and is like his colleagues a den dog, used mainly for the fox hunting. Among the ancestors he also has the ancient and respected black and tan Terrier, his is an ancient breed in turn given that it has received recognition from the British Kennel Club in 1886, two years before landing in the United States.

Welsh Terrier: origins

There is not much news from reliable sources on the origins of this breed, of course it is known that it was formed in North Wales and the breed of the Fox terrier with rough hair and, as anticipated, that of the ancient Black and tan terrier, with a hand also of Irish terrier, is suspected.

Not officially the Welsh Terrier it was already present in its lands at the beginning of the 1800s, but the official debut on display is in 1880, immediately afterwards the first breed club was founded which certainly helped to obtain recognition from the English Kennel Club in 1886. The Welsh Terrier is a very popular breed in Great Britain, where it is still used in fox hunting together with Foxhound, it is however well bred and considered also in Italy.

Welsh Terrier: puppies

Puppies or not, i Welsh Terrier they are smaller than the average size of Terriers used for similar purposes: at the withers they do not reach 40 cm even in adulthood, the weight oscillates between 9 and 10 kg if not affected by obesity. And they don't have to be.

The physique of these dogs is in effect that of a working animal: well balanced, compact and solid, with a powerful bone and good musculature. Another feature that distinguishes the Welsh Terrier within their category are long legs, otherwise it shows an elongated head and the classic stinging gaze with small and dark eyes, a black nose and inevitably powerful jaws.

The stop is not marked, the ears remain close to the cheeks in the shape of a V, but small. As with most Terriers, it also happens for ours Welsh Terrier stroking the hair is not a great soft pleasure: it is rough, hard, very thick and abundant. The colors allowed by the standard since the times of the times are black-and-tan or gray, even with more decisive color markings.

Welsh Terrier: character

The small size the Welsh Terrier shows a courageous character that knows no equal among his cousins. Even in front of dogs bigger and bigger than him, and you also have to see how proud he is. With its scarce 40 cm at the withers, it has determination to spare. However, this prevents this dog from preferring apartment life, he enjoys the house but loves being outdoors for walks and runs.

Even if it is recycled from a pet dog without problems, despite being hunting, the Welsh Terrier it is however a very dynamic dog. So it requires going out, but also having attention on yourself and being able to be an active part in the life of the family. He wanders around the small and lively rooms, with a great curiosity, with great attention to everything around him. There will be nothing you don't notice in your apartment: fortunately he doesn't speak.

Whether used for hunting or kept indoors, the Welsh Terrier maintains a proud and combative nature, as typically happens for Terriers who are however also very affectionate and docile with their owners. In general, this dog's mood is cheerful and lively, has character but is not a grumpy type if he does not feel personally attacked. It has a sporting spirit, with that hint of competitive aggression but never incorrect or violent.

Welsh Terrier: breeding

Although not like in England, the Welsh Terrier in Italy it is well known and widespread. From the ENCI site there are 10 farms throughout the territory, of which 3 in Lombardy, 2 in Sicily, the others are scattered across Emilia Romagna, Sardinia, Liguria, Lazio and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

It is not a difficult dog to breed, it is necessary to take care of its coat but no more than any other Terrier requires. As for health, that of Welsh Terrier it is solid, there are no particular pathologies from which it is affected, it is important to ensure a healthy diet and plenty of exercise to avoid that, if in the apartment, without foxes to chase, it becomes heavy.

Welsh Terrier: price

A puppy of Welsh Terrier on average it can cost between 400 and 600 euros, in breeding, complete with pedigree and required documentation. There may be opportunities online, I am not saying to be wary a priori but to proceed with caution. Buying a breeding dog directly has the advantage of being able to see where and how it grew. And he was raised. On the contrary, let's not forget, let's put adoption as the first option. Of puppies of Welsh Terrier there are some waiting for us.

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