Miniature Schnauzer: character and price

Miniature Schnauzer: character and price

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Miniature Schnauzer, dog with an almost unpronounceable original name - Zwergschnauzer - it is absolutely not to be confused with scottish terrier although, as a sound, it is simpler. This is not a good excuse for not giving this breed all the dignity and space it deserves.

The Miniature Schnauzer belongs to the family of Schnauzer and it is perfect both as a companion dog to keep at home, in small apartments, and as a guard dog, to be run free in open spaces.

Miniature Schnauzer (Zwergschnauzer): origins

The origins of the Miniature Schnauzer to be sought in the late 1800s, in the Frankfurt area, Germany, and the confusion over his identity began immediately. Not with it Scottish Terrier but with the Dwarf pinscher: it was thought to be one of them but with coarse hair. On closer inspection, however, there was a big difference in shape, size and coat, obviously not very soft and silky.

This dog has in common the origin with the Terriers and they were both created for hunting, the result of selections managed over time to then also obtain a guard and defense dog. In the world of art, but to testify that it has existed for centuries, we find it Zwergschnauzer in many paintings and prints of the fifteenth century, as a companion of horses and stagecoaches.

Miniature Schnauzer: appearance

To put it simply this dog is exactly a miniature of the schnauzer but fortunately it does not have malformations that can be traced back to dwarfism, as the name of Miniature Schnauzer might make you think. It is an animal with a small physique - 30-35cm tall at the withers - but strong, a little stocky but elegant.

The body is sturdy and compact, it can almost be inscribed in a square, from which the head comes out, also massive but harmonious and with the right relationships with respect to the rest of the body. The whole is pleasant and by no means "heavy".
We mentioned the hair, rough, before: it is indeed, it is even called "wire" as it is hard and moreover also very dense. The mantle of the Zwergschnauzer also has an undercoat.

The top coat, however, is a bit longer and rougher, neither curled nor wavy, but on the limbs it is less rough, on the forehead and ears, less long. As colors we find pure black with black undercoat, pepper and salt, black / silver, or the rarest Miniature Schnauzer with pure white hair with white undercoat. A special feature of this breed is the presence of a beard, not too soft on the chin, and a pair of bushy eyebrows that also slightly cover the eyes.

Miniature Schnauzer: character

If we can physically speak of a scaled dog, but identical to its older brother, temperamentally it is not even necessary to change size, they are identical in nature. Miniature Schnauzer and that Giant. And also the Middle one. They are intelligent, intrepid, hardy dogs and are always alert. This breed, in all sizes, always proves to be endowed with a very strong, balanced and impetuous character. This charge does not prevent the Miniature Schnauzer to be also very affectionate with their masters.

What can make us opt for the smaller size is the accommodation: if Nano, this dog is a perfect companion dog, while the medium-sized one is better as a guard dog. Finally, the giant is often used as a defense dog.

TheZwergschnauzer in the apartment he is very manageable as he shows to be intelligent and easy to train. A good expert who sets it from an early age and that's it, moreover with children he is a fantastic and safe animal, only with strangers he is suspicious but certainly not aggressive.

Miniature Schnauzer: breeding

In Italy there are about sixty farms registered on the ENCI website, the regions where they are most numerous are Emilia Romagna where there are 9, Lazio with 10, and Lombardy with 11. Piedmont also defends itself well with its 5 farms of Miniature Schnauzer.

Black Miniature Schnauzer

Among the various colors allowed by this breed, the most common in Italy is the most widespread and always has been. At least according to the ENCI registrations of the last decade. In 2015 there were 375 Black Miniature Schnauzers out of 800 present in our territory, in 2006 the share was 314 out of 550.

Miniature Schnauzer black silver

Black with silver notes is the second type of Miniature Schnauzer that we can find in Italy. The rarest is certainly white. In 2015 out of about 800 specimens of Miniature Schnauzer registered from North to South, 174 were silver black, in 2006 the percentage was similar, they were 104 out of 550.

Miniature Schnauzer: price

A puppy of Zwergschnauzer (Miniature Schnauzer) in the kennel it can cost around 800/900 euros, online there are "opportunities" even from 600. I do not say to be wary a priori but I recommend going directly to take the dog from the kennel also to be able to see who has taken care of it since was born and how. On the farm or in facilities where one can legally and certified Miniature Schnauzer for adoption. It would be best.

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