Long-haired Chihuahua: character and price

Long-haired Chihuahua: character and price

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Long-haired chihuahua, a version of one of the best known dogs in the world. The breed originates from Mexico but it is known and widespread in all corners of the earth. It is a very active companion dog but tends to be sought to become a life partner. Both as singles and as families. Even by those who live in studios, give it extremely small size.

Long-haired Chihuahua: origins

On the origins of the Long-haired chihuahua there is no single version. Some claim that it comes from China, others that it has Mediterranean origins. What is certain is that these dogs were already present at the time of the Aztecs, they risked not reaching the present day, they had a nice escape, during the invasion of the Inca empire.

After a period of recovery, towards the end of the nineteenth century, the Long-haired chihuahua it began to spread in the United States to the point of becoming very popular and conquering the top of the notoriety rankings. And not just overseas, all over the world. Even in Europe, in fact, the Long-haired chihuahua, like its other versions, it is successfully bred. The short-haired one, however, is better known.

Long-haired Chihuahua: puppies

This dog is the smallest in the world, there are specimens that do not even weigh one kg, but can even reach 3 kg, in the United States, however, as a rule, it should not exceed 2.7 kg. As a category, it morphologically belongs to Lupoids, even if it has characteristics so peculiar and evident to the eye even inexperienced, that the Long-haired chihuahua it is a bit of a separate category.

Despite being tiny, he is a dal dog compact body and cylindrical in shape, harmonious and balanced. Its thorax is broad, the skull is apple-shaped, with a very pronounced stop and a short, straight nose bridge. The eyes are large and round in shape, very expressive and set wide apart, black, brown, blue or ruby ​​in color but the Long-haired blond chihuahua may have light eyes.

The truffle of Long-haired chihuahua it can be of all colors: light and dark are allowed, indeed, black truffles are rare. If the coat is blond or light, the nose can be black or light, even if pink is allowed. In dogs with chocolate, blue or taupe fur, it can be the same color as the coat.

We talked about the cloak: it is soft, shiny, long and thin. It can be smooth or slightly wavy, it is usually longer on the anterior surface of the forelimbs and hind limbs and shape of the culottes and a typical thick collar, while on the ears it gradually becomes longer at the base.

All colors are allowed and all colors are also allowed color mixtures, the most common specimens are: fawn or brown, chocolate, fawn-brown brindle, white, cream, silver fawn, silver gray, black and tan and uniform black.

Long-haired Chihuahua: character

It is a perfect companion dog and it is therefore normal for a Long-haired chihuahua easily adapts to all circumstances and all members of the family, even if they prefer only one. If changes occur in the house, they are not dogs that go into crisis but remain excellent friends of man.

The Long-haired chihuahua has an attentive character, is intelligent, very lively and has a great memory. He can also boast excellent hearing, which is why, in addition to keeping company, he is also an excellent guardian.

We don't have to be housekeepers to own a Long-haired chihuahua: he can stay alone at home without problems, he knows how to manage himself, if he is well accustomed, he does not cause disasters and does not take revenge. With other dogs, always bigger than him, he can inevitably be aggressive, but he appreciates the company of others chihuahua.

Long-haired Chihuahua: breeding

There are many farms in Long-haired chihuahua and all the other varieties indicated by the ENCI website around Italy. The regions that have the most are Lombardy, with 50, Lazio, with 30, and then Sicily (18), Piedmont (16) and Veneto (15). However, there are numerous scattered everywhere, it is better to consult the ENCI website directly or get advice from your veterinarian to know who to contact.

As a breed, the Long-haired chihuahua in the last decade it has seen continuous growth: it has gone from 371 to 2200 specimens registered at ENCI from 2006 to 2015. A success destined to continue given how much it is still loved today.

Long-haired chihuahua: photo

They can be found everywhere, on social networks and websites, and in the strangest poses. The Long-haired chihuahua in fact, it lends itself a lot to photos and selfies with a dog, in funny poses, almost like a newborn, or while playing like crazy, so small but incredibly full of life and desire to party.

Long-haired chihuahua: price

A puppy of Long-haired chihuahua can cost at a certified farm, about 800 euros. With pedigree and documents, of course. The price may vary if other services are added or if the pedigree is particularly valuable. The cost varies from single to single but also from area to area.

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