Pots for steaming

Pots for steaming

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Steaming pans:guide to the choice and use ofpotsfor steaming. From steamers to pots, to steaming in the microwave. All the tips and tricks for cooking with steam.

When it comes tosteam cookingfood we have different solutions available:

  • bamboo castles
  • electric steamers
  • steaming in the microwave
  • pots for steam cooking
  • cooking in the steam oven

For a complete analysis of the options listed above, I invite you to read the articleHow to cook with steam, on the page we compare the various systems for thesteaming. Certainly thepots for steam cookingare a very practical and economical solution but there are those who prefer a dedicated device like theelectric steamers.

Pot for steaming or electric steamer

The electric steamer, unlike the steam cooker, allows the cooking of different foods which, enclosed in airtight containers, do not discharge vapors on the adjacent basket. With thesteaming in the potsthis does not happen: if you decide to cook two different foods, the steam and cooking fluids will mix together. This factor is not a problem if you are cooking different vegetables but it could be annoying if the cooking of a side dish is associated with the main course (fish with vegetables, meat with vegetables…). This just explained is the only disadvantage of usingpots for steam cooking.

They are a practical and economical solution. Thepots for steam cookingthey are generally stackable on top of each other. They are characterized by a classic steel pot able to accommodate (in volumetric terms) a pot with a perforated bottom and a slightly smaller diameter. The food to be steamed is added to the perforated pan. The steam cooking water should be placed in the traditional pot. Generally it is a trio of pots to allow the steaming of different foods which, however, are not hermetically separated from each other: the same vapors go to cook any food contained in the pots.

Steaming pots or baskets

On the market there are bothpots, bepans for steam cooking. The prices of steam pots and pans vary a lot according to the number of pieces, quality and brand. As an alternative tosteam cooker, you can buy godsstainless steel basketsdiameter compatible with a pot that you already have at home.

The stainless steel baskets allow only one food to be steamed at a time. The steamer basket is very economical and practical (you can buy it for 10 - 15 euros). It has side hooks that attach to the edge of a common steel pot or "feet" that hold the bottom suspended over the water of the pot.

The steel baskets are also convenient for heating food. When buying a basket, be careful to choose it with the diameter compatible with the pot you already own and intend to use to steam food.

Pots for cooking

The market is full of proposals and the choice is up to your personal needs only. The price ranges vary a lot and it is not only the materials used but also the guarantees offered that affect. By way of example we offer you three products, three different pots for steam cooking.

Ballarini Aluminum steam cooker
Price: 65.20 euros
Dishwasher safe. It is light and practical: the basic pot is made of aluminum and has a diameter of 20 cm. It is an Italian product of Ballarini. On Amazon it is offered at a price of 65.20 euros with free shipping but in several stores I have personally seen the same product at a price of 80 - 90 euros. Despite the price, it does not offer particular functions… it behaves like a classic steam cooker (steam cooker) and the finishes, the thermally insulated handles, the quality of the materials and the guarantee offered which lasts 4 years make the price. Made of safe and eco-friendly materials.

Morphy Richards, Steaming Cookware Set
Price: 48.75 euros (set shown in the photo above)
Good finishes but the handles are not thermally insulated. The steaming set is compact, the pot has a diameter of 18 cm and 8 cm deep. It is produced by the famous British company Morphy Richards, which also has several service centers here in Italy.

Premier Housewares Steam Pot Set
Price: 29.54 euros (set shown in the photo in the center of the page)
This set is made entirely of stainless steel, including handles which are riveted. The base pot has a diameter of 23 cm. The lid is made of glass. It is a valid product because it has very positive opinions from users who have had the opportunity to test it firsthand.

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