How to cook with steam

How to cook with steam

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How to cook with steam: instructions and advice for steaming. A guide that will explain how to steam food in the microwave, in the traditional oven, in the steam oven, in steel pans, with the electric steamer or using the traditional bamboo basket.

When it comes tosteam cookingfood we have different solutions available:

  • bamboo castles
  • electric steamers
  • steaming in the microwave
  • pots for steam cooking
  • cooking in the steam oven
  • stainless steel baskets

N.B .: the electric steam generators have the advantage of being very fast, the water reaches the boiling point in a few moments and cooking is extremely uniform. They also have a disadvantage: limescale settles near the heat source, condensing. Who has problems withcalcareous waterwill have to stock up on vinegar and, just after use, wet the bottom of the steamer with white wine vinegar so as to promptly eliminate the limescale deposit. Let's see all the details of the various systems forsteam cooking.

Steam oven

The steam oven is a novelty among kitchen tools. Steam cooking in the oven can be combined with traditional cooking with convection heat diffusion and ventilation. The steam oven has a small tank where the user will have to add the water that will be released into the cooking chamber when the optimum temperature is reached.

Steam in the microwave

On the market there are steamers to add to the microwave oven at low cost. A microwave steamer can be found on the market at a price of 10 - 15 euros. For more information:steam in the microwave.

Electric steamer

This is a more expensive but certainly efficient solution. Steam cooking times are reduced and can be adjusted according to the desired result. Some electrical devices allow you tosteam cookingand at the same time flavoring food: the Philips HD9190 / 30 Steamer, for example, incorporates an infuser of aromas and spices that flavor any dish. Just insert your favorite flavors and spices into the system and let the vapor do the rest.

Bamboo baskets

We do not recommend them because they are difficult to clean. Bamboo is a natural material that is easily contaminated by food. After each use it should be washed thoroughly with running water (without soap). To clean the bamboo baskets we recommend the use of baking soda, lemon, food alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. When purchasing the bamboo basket, make sure you have a steel pot with a compatible diameter.

Pots for steaming

They are a practical and economical solution. Thepots for steam cookingthey are generally stackable on top of each other. They are characterized by a classic steel pot able to accommodate (in volumetric terms) a pot with a perforated bottom and a slightly smaller diameter. The food to be steamed is added to the perforated pan. The steam cooking water should be placed in the traditional pot. Generally it is a trio of pots to allow the steaming of different foods.

Stainless steel basket

On the market there are bothpots, bepans for steam cooking. The prices of steam pots and pans vary a lot according to the number of pieces, quality and brand. As an alternative tosteam cooker, you can buy godsstainless steel basketsdiameter compatible with a pot that you already have at home.

Tips for good steam cooking

For healthier, lighter and easier to digest foods, we recommend using a minimum amount of oilextra virgin olive oilto be added only at the end of cooking.

There are alternative condiments that can flavor steamed foods during the same cooking: under water the foods to be cooked, add aromatic herbs, spices, crushed garlic or liquids such as vinegar, wine and lemon to best flavor food.

Steaming can be an excellent solution if you are obsessed with buying lots of food just because it is on offer: you can steam food and keep it longer, even vacuum packed.

For information on prices and how to use thesteam pans I invite you to read the page:Steaming pans.

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