Maidenhair fern, cultivation and care

Maidenhair fern, cultivation and care

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Maidenhair fern, cultivation and care: how to grow the maidenhair plant, care and propagation. All the info for growing at home, in pots and in the garden.

Theremaidenhair, botanically known asdiantum capillus-veneris, belongs to the Polypodiaceae family and is a plant with a remarkable aesthetic impact.

Theremaidenhair plantit grows spontaneously in warm humid wooded areas, in Italy it is easy to find. It belongs to the ancient group offernsand stands out for its delicate, fan-shaped, bright green leaves.

The plant grows over 30 - 40 cm in length, has shallow rhizomes that develop on the surface and like allferns, also themaidenhairit does not produce flowers and is appreciated for the beauty of the frond.

Grow the maidenhair plant indoors

Therecultivationindoor is only possible in environments with a high degree of humidity such as the kitchen or bathroom. Humidity is important for the leaves to thrive. Place themaidenhairin the bathroom, on a shelf placed over the bathtub or in the kitchen, away from direct sunlight.

To allow the plant to vegetate, place the pot on a saucer filled with expanded clay or gravel to keep permanently moist.

Avoid growing this plant indoors if you have mold or moisture problems.

Maidenhair, growing in pots or in the garden


If the environment ofcultivationit is not humid, you will have to spray water into the surrounding environment. You just need a sprayer to spray the frond.


The ideal temperature for plant growth is between 18 and 22 ° C. For thecropsin the garden, themaidenhairit bears minimum temperatures of 10 ° C even if in these conditions it is unable to develop because it enters a state of vegetative rest.


Choose a fertile soil, consisting of 40% peat, 40% loam and 20% sand. The soil must be rich in organic matter.


The plant should be repotted every 2 years, in favorable growth conditions the repotting should be done annually. The size of the pot must be proportional to the plant: the green frond must be 2 or 3 centimeters wider than the pot in order to have an excellent aesthetic impact.


Thecapelverde it's afern… Ferns have few needs when grown in their ideal habitat. For the cultivation in pot, fertilizations are necessary because the plant has a very limited substrate available. Choose a liquid fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Add the fertilizer to the irrigation water and give it to the plant every 15 - 20 days but only in the growing season from spring to summer.

Maidenhair fern, cures

The treatments to be given to the plant are those described up to now. In this paragraph we will list some useful tricks to maintain themaidenhairin good health.

  • For irrigation, avoid using tap water. Calcareous water can damage the foliage, use rainwater or that of an iron. If you cannot do without tap water, before spraying, let it rest in a basin placed outdoors for 24 hours.
  • In the dry periods of the year, for example, in winter if you keep the heating system active, spray it every day.
  • If temperatures exceed 24 ° C, increase the humidity of the growing environment.
  • The cultivation soil must always be moist but free from stagnation.

Maidenhair fern, propagation

To start thecultivation of the maidenhair fernyou can exploit multiplication by tufts. The division by tufts is a technique ofpropagationvery simple.

Remove the plant from the pot and drop the excess soil, the one not held by the roots.

Grab the clod of soil held by the roots at both edges, with your hands, divide the plant into two parts. At this point you just have to plant in the garden or repot the two plants obtained. When repotting, press the soil and irrigate the plants without wetting the leaves.

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