Chinese Chongqing dog: origins and character

Chinese Chongqing dog: origins and character

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Chinese Chongqing dog, internationally it is called similarly Chinese Chongqing Dog, but few call it as this is one of the rarest and least known dogs in the world. We will therefore be able to boast not to say that we possess it, but also to know that it exists and that it has a face. Full of folds and cute ... we'll see!

To get an idea, we can say that it resembles a hypothetical cross between a bulldog it's a Thai ridgeback, just to imagine it, because on paper, officially, it has no kinship or genetic ties with either of the two races. It is so rare even at home, almost more than the famous panda, and it is an unrecognized dog breed, it comes from the eastern region of the same name Sichuan province, in China, and has very ancient origins.

Chinese Chongqing dog: origins

This dog, which existed in its region as early as 2000 years ago, already when the Han dynasty reigned, is rare but very ancient, as evidenced by archaeological finds discovered thirty years ago. For centuries and centuries the Chinese Chongqing dog it remained isolated in the area where it was born, so the breed evolved without contamination or crossbreeding with other races. The dog we see today is the result of a long and careful selection, functional, both in appearance and in temperament.

Until the twentieth century, owning one of these dogs meant showing the world that you were not just anyone but a VIP, a person of high social class, then at the end of the century a political problem broke out that risked extinguishing the Chinese Chongqing dog, extraneous to any debate. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him and without any responsibility, it began to become the symbol of a "capitalist legacy", so the fewer examples existed in China, the better.

Some owners, residing in rural areas and belonging to the working classes, joined together and saved the breed. In 1980, the Chinese Chongqing Dog began to appear in Chinese homes as a companion dog, however it remains a rare breed.

Chinese Chongqing dog: character

The distinctive character traits of this unofficial Chinese breed are nobility of bearing, loyalty to the owner, courage and a strong ability to fight. This initially intended it for hunting wild boar and rabbit, over the years Chinese Chongqing dog it was then used as a guard and companion dog. Currently, this is still the case.

Indeed, his nature is perfect, being very protective and able to become attached to his family but at the same time circumspect and cold with strangers. And if someone crosses the boundaries of his property without permission, he can also become aggressive if not properly trained. In general, however, it does not show violent and is considered one of those dogs potentially suitable for babysitting or as a caregiver. pet therapy.

The Chinese Chongqing dog he has very high learning abilities, he adapts without problems and without giving problems to living in apartments, he remains docile and not annoying, just let him go out for a run and breathe fresh air at least 30 minutes a day. And it's good for us masters too.

Chinese Chongqing dog: appearance

The appearance of the Chinese Chongqing dog it is the typical one of the Molosser, in addition this breed has erect ears. Its is a medium size, at the withers it measures about 40-50 cm and weighs 20-25 kg (females a little less), and has morphological characteristics that make it unique. Unique and rare, in fact.

One of them is the shape of the tail: straight, bamboo cane, and hairless, for example. The hair has a uniform color, from reddish brown to mahogany, silky and short, but the face is dark and, another peculiarity, full of skin folds.

We come to the language: only the Chinese Chongqing dog, in addition to Chow Chow, cel'ha with black-bluish spots or patches on the surface, or even all dark. This suggests that the two races have a common ancestor. For the rest the eyes are dark, black eyelids and the nose seems raised.

Chinese Chongqing dog: spread

Having already said it is one rare breed, I don't have to add much else, except that all over the world there are clubs that realize it on the fingers of one hand. In its region of origin there are few specimens: even the Chinese seem to snub this dog, for no particular reason.

Moreover, the Chinese Chongqing dog: the average life expectancy is 18 years and you can live them all, or almost all, in good health, not having any particular pathology. The only annoyances to expect with this breed are the usual and occasional skin pathologies related to very short hair.

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