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World Earth Day

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World Earth Day a day dedicated to the Earth. "And the others?" one wonders, and the reality is that we forget the others, and that is why this world day is relevant and necessary. It falls April 22, as it happens when the Earth returns to us to bloom, to show the best of itself. Just when it is filled with colors, scents and birth scenes, here is an appointment to remind us that the Earth, in order to continue to flourish, must be respected.

World Earth Day: what is celebrated

Earth Day, the Earth Day, is the largest environmental event on the planet and for this reason it claims to call all citizens of the world to celebrate the Earth but, above all, to promote its protection. There are over a billion people spread across 192 countries, but more can be done every year.

To celebrate this World Earth Day we play, sing, laugh - as we shall see - but not all of this must not remain pure entertainment for its own sake. The goal, in the joy of an April 22 of initiatives from cities to different cities, must remain to emphasize the need for the conservation of the Earth's natural resources. Attention must be paid to the problems of the planet: the pollution of air, water and soil, the destruction of ecosystems, the thousands of plants and animal species that disappear, and the depletion of non-renewable resources.

Not only that: every year we propose ourselves, always celebrating the World Earth Day, to seek and find new solutions. Strengthened by technological achievements and scientific discoveries, at each edition we can ask ourselves if we have found in some corner of the world, on Earth, a way to eliminate the negative effects of human activities.

Action can be taken in many areas by improving current performance both globally and locally. From the recycling of materials to the conservation of natural resources such as oil and fossil gases, from the ban on the use of harmful chemicals to the cessation of habitat destruction fundamental such as damp woods. Let's not forget also to fight for who on Earth we want to stay and protect endangered species.

World Earth Day: when it takes place

The United Nations celebrates the Earth Day every year, one month and two days after the vernal equinox, on 22 April. The first World Day was that of 1970, thanks to the determination of a US senator, Gaylord Nelson, who had managed to convey the urgency of this initiative to numerous important figures, first of all the president John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Over time the World Earth Day it has become quite known but as a moment of joy with educational and informative value, but it was not so in 1962, when the idea was born in Nelson's head. That year he had simply thought of organizing a “Teach-in” on environmental issues, the following year had already involved Kennedy who for the occasion had crossed 11 states holding conferences dedicated to environmental issues.

It then took a disaster, as often happens, for the initiative to take hold. Unfortunately, it happened in 1969: I am referring to the oil spill from the well of the Union Oil off the coast of Santa Barbara, in California. From that moment the Earth Day it has become a duty to institute and here 22nd April 1970 20 million Americans have set up a demonstration to show their love for the Earth. It was the first World Earth Day.

World Earth Day: Rome

As every year in Rome, between Villa Borghese, Galoppatoio and Terrazza del Pincio the Village for the Earth is the most popular environmental event in Italy: it is in fact 5 days of sport, concerts, exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences, shows, educational workshops, activities for children and good food. In this area it is also possible to visit the 17 squares relating to 17 Sustainable Development Goals indicated by the UN, not yet known except to a few. It is not easy to memorize them all but the important thing is to experience them and in these squares you can get to the heart of all 17 themes thanks to a rich and varied calendar of conferences, videos, workshops and laboratories. The Village's initiatives are aimed at very different audiences, there is no shortage of moments for children and young people but also the older ones can learn a lot and have fun, dedicating a few hours to our Mother Earth.

World Earth Day: video

At this point, I leave the task of showing without too many words how much to a video without an expiration date the Earth deserves to be celebrated, and above all respected and safeguarded.

World Earth Day in Naples

The city of Naples also celebrates the Earth with numerous initiatives starting as early as April 19th and continuing until May 6th. We are at the Madre Museum and we talk about climate and the "roots of change" on the occasion of the sixth edition, the Happy Earth Days 2019 event, conceived, promoted and organized by the ArtStudio'93 association. This year naturally turns into the conclusion of the #MadreTerra educational project, with an exhibition of the works, created during the workshops that took place, between January and April, as part of Io Sono Felice! Donnaregina for contemporary arts, which transformed the Madre museum into a public sharing platform throughout the year. However, on April 22 there are a number of special initiatives for World Earth Day. First of all, the Madre Museum will change to MadreTerra for the whole day, changing the background color, from the classic yellow to green, in homage to the Happy Earth Days. At 11 there is an extraordinary guided tour, #MadreTerra, led by the Director Andrea Viliani, together with the organizers of the event, Marco Papa and Tiziana De Tora, to tell the works on display, as well as a selection of works from the museum collection, linked to the theme of the relationship between man and nature, and to present the video of the #MadreTerra project in the Sala Repubblica.

World Earth Day: the official site

For our country the reference site is that ofEarth Day Italia Onlus, for the World Earth Day. But not only for the upcoming 22nd April: it is a permanent and always active platform dedicated to environmental communication.

The objective of the site and the non-profit organization, evident at the first navigation, is to support theEarth Day Network in its global campaigns and to invite the United Nations to "commit" information, scientific dissemination and environmental awareness actions.

As for us who "click", we will be stimulated to show a greater sensitivity towards the theme of protection of the planet and to adopt a more responsible lifestyle. We will find ideas for new ways of living virtuously every day, as true friends of the planet, as if every day were the Earth Day.

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