What to grow in the fall

What to grow in the fall

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What to grow in the fall: from the end of September to December, there are various vegetables to plant in the garden. The crops started in autumn represent the basis of the crops that will go on throughout the winter and spring. This is what the vegetable garden looks like in autumn.

Not just vegetables and greens, autumn is also a good time for the garden. In autumn it is possible to plant new plants: among the flowers, in addition to the autumn bulbs (planted in autumn and blooming in spring), you can plant bare-rooted roses. The planting of roses can go on until the frost hardens the soil.

The vegetable garden in autumn

Starting from October, it will be necessary to evaluate the climatic trend of the season to determine when to set up the first tunnel greenhouses and when to stop irrigation work.

Tunnel greenhouses must be set up on crops already started in previous seasons, that is to say on lettuce, cutting radicchio, endive, parsley and radish. Even the radicchio di Treviso and the radicchio di Castelfranco will have to be repaired with non-woven fabric.

In the uncultivated areas of the vegetable garden and those that have now reached the end of the crop cycle (for example, where you had grown spring and summer vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines, basil, courgettes ...), work the soil and, by digging, buried manure or well-ripened compost.

To work the garden land, choose dry days away from rain: the soil must never be worked wet.

The vegetable garden in autumn is in the phase oftransition: the gardener will still be able to harvest various vegetables planted between spring and summer, namely: beets, basil, carrots, cabbage, savoy cabbage, chicory, beans, fennel, endive, green beans ...

What to grow in the fall

Jerusalem artichoke
The cultivation of Jerusalem artichoke has also spread widely in Italy. In autumn the tubers (fleshy roots) of Jerusalem artichoke are harvested and the new crop generation is planted. The tubers are cut into large portions which are then buried at a depth of 10 cm.

The best time for the planting of garlic bumbi in the open field is in autumn, starting from October.

White onion
In October you can continue with the planting of the seedlings obtained from the seed.

In October it is possible to plant bare-rooted seedlings of autumn-growing varieties. The well-developed seedlings planted in October will give the first harvests between the end of November and the beginning of December: perfect for serving seasonal strawberries at Christmas time!

In places with a mild climate, it is possible to mine the pea in the open field, otherwise sowing can be postponed until the end of winter. In October, those who live in southern Italy can sow the early varieties, the most suitable variety is the Dolce di Provence.

What to sow in the fall

InAutumnand in particular in the month of October in the north and until the end of November in the south, it will be possible to sow various vegetables in the open field:

  • Valerianella
  • Spinach
  • Cutting lettuce
  • Chicory for cutting
  • Chicory to pick

The quantity of seeds to be used for each square meter of land to be cultivated amounts to:

  • 1 - 1.5 grams for the valerianella
  • 2 grams of seeds for the spinach
  • 6 - 10 grams for the cutting lettuce
  • 4-8 grams for chicory both for cutting and for plucking

These are crops with a very short crop cycle, so from germination to harvest it will be necessary to wait from a minimum of 50 days up to a maximum of 90 days ... obviously if the crops are not started in ideal conditions (temperature, soil fertility, absence of weeds ...) the waiting times until the harvest could be prolonged.

The vegetables listed above can also be sown in northern Italy but only by exploiting coverings and tunnel greenhouses. By taking advantage of the tunnel greenhouse it is possible to sow, in rows and throughout Italy, even rocket and radish.

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