Long-haired German Shepherd

Long-haired German Shepherd

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Long-haired German Shepherd, a dog with much smaller numbers than its short-haired twin, yet with an irresistible charm. Culotte and mane, but also an unmistakable bearing. The length of the coat does not affect the character which remains identical to that described for the breed of German Shepherd. But the eye wants its part and even the long-haired German Shepherd wants a dedicated article.

Long-haired German Shepherd: puppies

It is not easy to find puppies of Long-haired German Shepherd but they are immediately recognizable because they are particularly soft. The size of this breed can be considered of the medium category, with a height at the withers for males that can vary from 60 to 65 cm and a maximum weight of 40 kg. The female is slightly less robust and tall but still of medium size, no doubt.

The physique of this dog is slightly elongated, but still strong and muscular. It has dry bones but the solid structure means that it is not considered a slender dog. The head of the Long-haired German Shepherd it is not squat but not too elongated, it remains dry and narrows regularly towards the wedge-shaped snout, which ends with a rather large black nose.

The stop in this breed is not very pronounced, they are more evident and developed maxilla and mandible, they also affect the lips always dark in color like the nose. The eyes are also dark, as dark as possible, and of medium size, almond-shaped, slightly oblique and not protruding: the light color of the eyes is absolutely undesirable, it changes the expression of the animal and there is no need for it, having a wonderful intelligent air.

The Long-haired German Shepherd it has erect ears, never hanging and never bent, the neck must be strong and muscular as well as the whole back. To reach the tail, it is very bushy due to the variety long-haired and long at least up to the hock, hanging, slightly arched.

Long-haired German shepherd: coat

If so far between Long-haired German Shepherd and short-haired colleague we didn't see big differences, here they are. In our case, "in the long run", the covering hair is immediately soft and not too adherent, with visible tufts both on the ears and on the legs, a pair of thick trousers and a very hairy tail, in turn with a final tuft .

The hair of this breed is shorter on the head, in the inner part of the ears and in the front part of the limbs, and then obviously near the feet and fingers, on the neck on the contrary it becomes longer and thicker, until it forms a sort of mane . Coupled with the mane, the Long-haired German Shepherd he also wears trousers, having the back of the hind limbs with a particularly long and voluminous hair.

As for the color, the Long-haired German Shepherd he returns similar to his less hairy brother but on him each color has a completely different effect. I challenge you to compare two equally beautiful specimens, the long coat gives the color a unique liveliness.

We can find dogs of this breed in black with red-brown, brown, yellow to light gray markings. Or black and solid gray, with darker gray shades. Usually, saddle and mask are black and small white spots on the chest are not at all welcome, even if allowed.

The same is true with internal parts of the limbs with very light hair. Whatever color is ours Long-haired German Shepherd, you can bet that the nose will be black, the undercoat slightly gray. A color that should not even be imagined for German Shepherd it's white.

Among the anomalies not admitted because they are signs of poor pigmentation, I would like to mention the most obvious such as the lack of mask, the clear eye, the light spots on the chest and on the inside of the limbs, the clear nail and the tip of the tail. red.

Long-haired German Shepherd: photo

It is only a pleasure to admire the long-haired German Shepherd in photos, from small to adult. Also because we will see the numbers, it is not easy to come across an example “long” on the street.

Long-haired German shepherd: character

Long-haired or short-haired, this breed is and remains one of those with the character I prefer. It doesn't mean it's meek, what I love about Long-haired German Shepherd it is his being always balanced, nerve-racking and self-confident but without ever this self-esteem leading to rudeness or aggression. When he is with humans or animals he is casual and if he does not receive provocation worthy of attention, his absolutely good and calm disposition wins.

Its presence in the home and in the family feels safe, because it is a vigilant, courageous, pugnacious and aggressive dog. To train, however the Long-haired German Shepherd he is considered a docile and above all very intelligent dog. In fact, it has been one of the most popular dogs for a long time, as a companion, guard, defense, service and shepherd dog. It is also a companion dog, it has a good environment in the family, but the owner must immediately clarify who is in charge.

Long-haired German shepherd: catteries

Of farms of German shepherd in Italy there are many, and scattered from north to south: it is not difficult to find a comfortable one. Quite different if you want a short-haired specimen. I say this because in 2015 the official Enci website tells us that over 14,400 German Shepherds registered, only 376 are longhaired, the percentage has been even lower in recent years. In the future, we will see if the long coat will win over fans of the breed.

However, online there are breeding farms that offer puppies of Long-haired German Shepherd. The Falcone farm, for example, in Alvignano (CE) or the Brianza-based Casa Beggiato, located in Monza. In Tuscany another kennel where to look for puppies: the Del Monte Poliziano ”one in Montepulciano (Siena).

Long-haired German shepherd: price

A puppy of Long-haired German Shepherd it can have a price between 500 and 700 euros, online there are also 300, or even less, but the advice is always to go and meet who has raised the dog who will spend the rest of his life with us.

The breeding of this breed has been a practice practiced for over a century, it began in 1899, the year in which the first standard was made official. It has been updated and modified several times up to the version we consult today, dating back to 1991.

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