World Asbestos Victims Day: April 28

World Asbestos Victims Day: April 28

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World Asbestos Victims Day, was established, on April 28, and it must be celebrated, because saying “celebrated” is not in tune with the current situation given that, banned for almost a quarter of a century, this material continues to make victims.

The slow course of the pathologies related to it gives the idea of ​​an inexorable advance of pain, deaths do not decrease. But it is not "inexorable", there are actions to be taken and the World Asbestos Victims Day it is a fixed appointment to remind them to those in duty

World Asbestos Victims Day: what it is

The goal of having a date fixed on the calendar is to have a reference also to "take stock" of the situation. And do increase knowledge and awareness on a problem that claims victims but which until a decade ago was known only to those who were closely affected by it.

Asbestos is a material that was present in large quantities on Italian soil as well as in other countries until the 1990s. We, of course, banned it rather late than others, like Germany which said "no" in the 1940s. Come on fire retardant fabrics ironing boards, hairdryers, but especially in roofing of buildings from all over Italy: thousands of products were made with the use of asbestos and still have their effect today despite the changed procedures.

The causal relationship between asbestos and malignant tumor of the pleura and to pay the consequences of the correlation are primarily the people who worked in the factories that produced this fiber, but not only. Even those who live near sites, even if now disused, where asbestos was processed or who have had asbestos roofing. There World Asbestos Victims Day it gives voice to many who do not have one, with a day dedicated not only to remembrance but also to the stimulus for future actions. It would be better if they were present actions.

World Asbestos Victims Day: when it occurs

At the World Day for Health and Safety at Work on April 28 also celebrates the World Asbestos Victims Day. In spring, this anniversary, in the field of asbestos, has a double objective: to remember all the people who have lost their lives due to the killer fiber, to draw attention to the current situation in terms of interventions and remediation by asking to carry out interventions necessary to stop a real silent massacre.

The approval of the National Asbestos Plan, a plan to effectively address the problem, drawn up by the ministries of health, labor and the environment. Three years after approval, it is important to understand what has been implemented. The document is in perfect harmony with the intentions of the World Asbestos Victims Day, because it addresses the issue from the point of view of health, assistance and compensation to workers and the exposed and from an environmental point of view.

Reading it there is no shortage of measures so that in Italy, late but really, there can be a turning point. But for now they are right thinking "if they were put in place". Among the enemies of implementation is the bureaucratic slowness, the lack of funds, and perhaps an order of priorities in which the issue to which the World Day of Asbestos Victims is dedicated is not in the first places. On April 28, the goal is to get it to the front pages. And not for the victims, for once. Once a year?

World Asbestos Victims Day: the situation in 2018

The difficulty in finding updated and national data already makes the idea of ​​one of the major problems that exist in dealing with the situation. And in making the point to prepare the World Asbestos Victims Day.

Until 2016 there was talk, in Italy, of a rate of 4 thousand deaths every year and 32 million tons of asbestos still present in the area. Going back over the years but to understand the extent of the problem, from 1993 to 2008, according to data from National Mesothelioma Registry of Inail, there are over fifteen thousand cases of diagnosed malignant mesothelioma.

Knowing the slowness of the course of the disease, knowing that symptoms can occur even forty years after exposure, we cannot deny the fear that cases are on the rise. A well-founded fear given that the 73 cases in 1996 went to 154 in 2013. After the situation of the victims, the situation of the measures, those on which we can act more directly with appeals and initiatives also in World Asbestos Victims Day.

To date it appears that there are many regions that have not yet approved the Regional Asbestos Plans. Equally numerous are those that must complete the census of the structures to be reclaimed, a dozen have delivered it and, making the calculations on what has emerged, there are already over 230 thousand buildings reported. Those public and private, with asbestos, exceed the figure of 188,000, and another almost 7 thousand are industrial ones, scattered throughout the national territory.

Given the incompleteness of the data, other structures containing the dangerous fiber are also imagined. Local and national news updated on the asbestos issue, to get prepared for World Asbestos Victims Day, can be found on the website ofNational Observatory on Asbestos (ONA), an association that brings together dozens and dozens of volunteers throughout the country, with the aim of providing free assistance to all exposed citizens and workers, formerly exposed and victims of asbestos.

It was established by LUniASM, Free Telematic University of "Modern Arts and Sciences" - U. P. LuniASM and, from 2008 to today, the non-profit organization also ensures legal, medical and health advice, in fact, there are also volunteer doctors who can be reached through ONA's online Oncology Clinic which is also present in all Italian regions with local offices. They also act as principals and lookouts, to report and prohibit any harmful and dangerous conduct.

World Asbestos Victims Day: initiatives

Initiatives for the World Asbestos Victims Day they often overlap with those on the more general issue of worker safety, but there is no lack of specific requests and appointments lined up against this killer fiber. Legambiente, for example, every year loudly renews an appeal with which it asks for a concrete national and local commitment through incentives for replacing Eternit with photovoltaic roofs.

In World Asbestos Victims Day it is more important than ever to promote correct information on the problem, on how to behave in order to perform correct interventions and on the risks deriving from exposure to fibers due to deterioration of the structures but also to illegal disposal of materials.

In addition to more technical initiatives, often for professionals or for those who are particularly sensitive to the problem, there are other events that, without making the massacre in progress less dramatic, try to reach a wider audience. There World Asbestos Victims Day it also serves to make everyone aware of the problem, or at least most of the citizens.

Among the most interesting initiatives on the occasion of this day, there is a competition dedicated to schools. #ALLUNITICONTROLAMIANTO. It is a National Competition for school children of all levels for the "International Day of Asbestos Victims". For the winners of the best rhyming text, a workshop and a piece to be recorded with the historic Roman rap group “ASSALTI FRONTALI” will be awarded. "We use asbestos WE DON'T WANT IT!"This is the theme of the First National Competition inspired by the #TUTTIUNITICONTROLAMIANTO Campaign, promoted on the occasion of the International Day of Asbestos Victims, which is celebrated all over the world April 28: the protagonists were the children of schools of all levels and the young people of associations, parishes, and oratories, from youth groups at all levels.

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