Glucomannan: what it is and what it is used for

Glucomannan: what it is and what it is used for

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Glucomannan, to be used with appropriate caution, if any, is one of the most effective slimming products, of natural origin, extracted from a tuber. Let's learn about all its properties and how to use them in order to get the desired effects. Swimsuit test, but also health test to get to summer in shape from every point of view.

Glucomannan: what it is

The glucomannan, in purified form, among all the products recommended for losing weight, it is one of those considered to be most effective. It is used both for the control and for the reduction of body weight, actually, and from a scientific point of view it is a high molecular weight polysaccharide. Specifically, it is made up of many small units of glucose and mannose concatenated. The mannose it is a sugar, as is glucose, but mannose is mainly found in plant polymers.

The plant from which the glucomannan it is the same that we find used as an agent gelling agent in the Japanese culinary tradition, it is a tuber with a complicated name even more than the substance itself: Amorphophallus konjac.

This plant is known because it manages to attract a lot of water and, by incorporating it, increases a lot in volume. We imagine that it can “rise” up to dimensions 60-100 times larger than the original. So voluminous, obviously it changes appearance and resembles a large soft and gelatinous mass.

Glucomannan: what it is for

To the Glucomannan have also been attributed hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties but it remains mainly known and used as a laxative. Let's see how it works: once ingested and digested, it arrives from parts of the intestine without undergoing significant changes. At that point it begins to interact with the intestinal bacterial flora and what happens is that the glucomannan, degraded, it is transformed into a series of biologically active molecules.

Short-chain fatty acids, for example, but also the aforementioned mannose and other sugar residues. Just these molecules on the Glucomannan they exert metabolic actions as well as having direct effects on the intestinal microbiota.

A second process that helps weight loss that sees the protagonist Glucomannan it is mechanical: the undigested part by absorbing the water it finds, manages to increase the mass of feces. In this way it helps the evacuation and at the same time slows the absorption of sugars and fats in the intestine.

Glucomannan: opinions

The laxative effect of Glucomannan it is now established and "well digested", there are instead conflicting opinions and, more than anything else, ongoing tests, compared to other types of effects that this substance could have on the health of those who take quantities recommended from time to time.

There are studies that have recently investigated cardiovascular and the glucomannan it could act in a beneficial way on risks in that area. When taken by obese women, it has been shown to induce a significant lowering of blood LDL cholesterol concentrations. Another positive action of this weight loss product, would be relative to blood sugar if taken on an empty stomach.

Other studies are alleged related antiobesigene activity attributed to glucomannan if you consume it following a controlled low-calorie diet in the meantime. A lowering of lipid and glycemic concentrations would be obtained as well as weight loss. To date the Glucomannan has the role of adjuvant in low-calorie regimes aimed at weight loss.

Glucomannan: tablets

In powder or even in tablets you can take the Glucomannan but it is important to respect the recommended doses. Not only that: the times and the amount of water that accompanies this product are also important for achieving our goal. And to avoid unwanted effects that we will know later.

The recommended time to take it is just before main meals, so that its effect minimizes appetite. As mentioned, water is essential: it must accompany the indicated dose of supplements in abundant quantities, let's consider at least one glass of liquid. If this is not done, the risk is to obtain the exact opposite effect: the constipation.

Having said that, we can try with the capsules which are the most practical solution. On the WeightWorld website we can buy a bottle of 60 Glucomannan capsules for 24.99 euros, extracted from Konjac root, with maximum concentration of Chromium and Vitamin B6.

If we add the Glucomannan to our diet, it is important that it is and continues to be regular and balanced. This supplement can also be suitable for those on a vegetarian type diet.

Glucomannan: contraindications

There is no shortage of contraindications related to this dietary supplement to lose weight, nothing alarming but better to be careful and inform yourself. The Glucomannan it should be avoided in case of hypersensitivity to the active ingredient, or if you have intestinal obstruction and esophageal pathologies. Also during pregnancy it should be avoided or in any case its use must only be under medical supervision. The same goes for the subsequent breastfeeding period.

At the level of interaction with other drugs it is good to keep in mind that, if we take the Glucomannan the intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins may be reduced both if they come from a supplement and from "normal" foods.

Then there are unwanted reactions that may be related to the use of this supplement, the most frequent target thegastrointestinal system: bloating, flatulence, abdominal distension and cramps. The occurrence of episodes of diarrhea or intestinal or esophageal obstruction are more rare. More than anything else, they are often and willingly linked to incorrect hiring. For example we do not take tablets of glucomannan immediately before going to bed and remember that a fluid-deficient diet is not compatible with this supplement.

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