How to clean the iron from limescale

How to clean the iron from limescale

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How to clean the iron from limescale: the guide for removing limescale and dirt deposits from the iron plate, tank or boiler.

Iron and limestone

Like all appliances, il iron needs periodic maintenance in order to guarantee a perfectly smooth ironing free of any small trace of dirt. Over time, in fact, some limescale stains on the plate that could compromise the ironed garment. Not only that, the limestonecan form in the boiler and in the holes in theiron. In this regard we will see how to clean the iron from limescale following our directions.

In supermarkets, products are sold to make the plate clean and shiny again, but they contain aggressive ingredients that sometimes emit fumes that are harmful to health. To avoid chemicals, we'll see firsthow to clean your iron naturallyand only if the natural remedies to clean the iron do not work, we will switch to heavy artillery (detergents / descalers).

A compound prepared only with demineralized water and sodium bicarbonate, or a solution obtained by mixing demineralized water and vinegar, can benatural remediesperfect for cleaning the iron.

How to clean the iron from limescale: tank or boiler

Here is a procedure for remove deposits of limestone on the bottom of the tank or boileriron:

  1. Pour a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar into the tank to the same extent.
  2. Let the mixture act for about 30 minutes.
  3. Once this is done, turn on the iron and eliminate all the liquid through the steam.

In this way the limescale deposits from the tank and the boiler of the iron will be completely eliminated.

How to clean the iron from limescale, the soleplate

The soleplate and the external components of the iron are not immune to limescale. Here's how to get rid of it.

  1. In a bowl pour two tablespoons of baking soda and add 4 tablespoons of cold water then mix until you get a creamy mixture.
  2. Let the iron cool then put the mixture on a very soft cloth, such as an old towel or a cotton cloth and wipe it over the steel, insisting on the dirtiest areas or areas marked by limescale.
  3. In case of large limescale deposits, repeat the operation, taking care not to use scouring pads or abrasive sponges, which could scratch the steel.
  4. If you want, you can put a pinch of fine salt on the cloth.
  5. After carefully treating the entire surface, remove any residue left on the steel with a wet rag.
  6. Once this is done, clean the plate again with a cotton cloth soaked in lemon juice and water.
  7. Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
  8. Finally, heat the iron by passing it several times over a cotton cloth.

Attention: after this operation, it is always good to try the shooting iron by placing an old and thin cotton handkerchief on the fabric.

Products for cleaning the plates of the iron

Among the home remedies those dedicated to cleaning the iron plates they are really numerous. We can say goodbye to classic detergents, even if there is no shortage of ad hoc products on the market.

Among the specific products for cleaning the iron plates there are godsstick whose use is very simple: just rub them on the plate to be cleaned and then remove the residues with a dry microfibre cloth.

The sticks give off a terrible smell of ammonia which is not only unpleasant but inhalation is not even safe for our health. If you use these sticks, it may be advisable to cover the airways with a scarf, a mask or otherwise be careful not to inhale any vapors produced.

For clean the plates of the iron it is possible to use the classic dishwashing detergent or, again, there are specific wipes for cleaning the plate.

They are difficult to find on the market, even these are easy to use: they get wet, form a very light foam, pass on the iron and remove the dirt. These wipes should be used after each use of the iron to carry out constant maintenance and have theiron soleplatealways shiny and clean.

Where to buy products for cleaning the iron

Again, I recommend that you only buy these products if i natural remediesseen they should fail or, only if you have not cleaned the plate for a long time and, together with the limescale deposits, the plate also has stubborn dirt. Traces of burnt, stains of color, detergent residues ... these are all elements that, with time and poor maintenance, tend to settle. If the plate is deeply encrusted, carefully choose the products to use for its cleaning.

On this Amazon page you can find two effective results sticks to eliminate limescale and other residues from the iron plate.

Please note: detergents for clean the encrusted plate of the iron they can also be found in the most well-stocked supermarkets. Feel free to choose the line or brand you prefer, I have recommended that product only because it has been personally tested to recover an old iron left in the elements, which had burnt stains and even a little rust on the plate.

How to remove limescale from an iron with boiler

To clean the boiler, you can use a descaler, used for routine maintenance. For all the information, once again, I point outan Amazon page which offers two packs of descaler at a price of 6.30 euros with free shipping costs.

Please note, unlike the stick, I have not experienced the descaler myself. Again I advise you to feel free to make your choices and take the product that best suits your needs.

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