How to grow green beans

How to grow green beans

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How to grow green beans: from the variety to choose from to the instructions for sowing the green bean and planting. Green bean cultivation in pots or in open fields. Cultural needs and care.

The indications in this article are valid both for open field crops and forgreen bean in pot. The only condition to be met forgrow green beans in potslies in the choice of varieties: for grow the green bean in pot choose one dwarf variety, or arrange the containers next to high railings so that the plant can grow vertically along a solid support.

It is convenientgrow green beansin pots or in the home garden as a few plants are enough to obtain abundant harvests. Thegreen beanit is a legume even if many consider it a vegetable.

Dwarf green bean and climbing green bean

THE dwarf green beans they lend themselves well to cultivation in pots, i climbing green beans from the greater development, they need strong supports and for this reason, for the cultivation in pot, it is recommended to place them along a railing high enough to contain the development.

Dwarf green beans do not need supports
Climbing green beans need support

Early green bean and late green bean

The cultivation cycle of green beansvaries according to the differentcultivar. It is possible to choose between dwarf varieties and climbing varieties and between these two groups, the choice is between early varieties and "late" varieties.

The cultivation cycle goes, roughly, from 60 to 70 days forgreen beansprecocious while it goes from 80 to 90 days for late green beans. You can choose the sowing or planting of both varieties in order to prolong the harvest.

Early green beans have a 60 - 70 day grow cycle
Late green beans have an 80 - 90 day grow cycle

Green beans cultivation, needs and care

Thegreen bean, be it early or late, be it dwarf or climbing, it loves soils rich in organic substance. For the cultivation in pots use a soil for legumes while forgrow green beansin open fields, buried compost or mature manure.

When to sow green beans
The sowing period is from March to June.

How to sow green beans
Place the seeds in the soil to a depth of 3 - 5 cm. After sowing, wet the soil.

Distance between the furrows
Spaced the rows, one from the other, by 50 cm for thedwarf green beans.
Spaced the rows, one from the other, by 80 cm for theclimbing green beans.

Distance between plants
On the same row place the green bean seeds at a distance of 15 - 20 cm. Even if thecultivationstarts from the map (dwarf string bean or climbing string bean), the distance between the plants must be 15 - 20 cm.

Arrangement of supports
THEclimbing green beansneed supports, for this purpose special plastic nets are used to be fixed to vertical poles that are planted in the ground at a distance of one meter from each other. As an alternative to poles you can use very strong rods.

Watering of green beans
Green beans, like many legumes, need abundant irrigation. When watering, pay attention that there is no stagnation of water, also avoid wetting the leaves otherwise you could encourage the development of various diseases. Wet the soil directly.

How to grow green beans

Here is explained in summary,how to grow green beans:

1). With digging, fertilize the soil by burying mature manure.

2). Draw shallow furrows, about 50 cm away from each other (for dwarf green beans) or 80 cm (for climbing green beans).

3). Sow by planting to a depth of 3 - 5 cm, 2 or 3 seeds at a time. Place the seeds 15 - 20 cm apart on the same row. Wet the soil.

4). Young seedlings will not be long in developing and shedding the first leaves. When the seedlings are well developed, place the supports.

5). Green beans should be harvested when still very tender.

For the consociations of the green bean, I refer you to the articleintercropping of vegetables.

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