Assembling the Venetian blinds, instructions

Assembling the Venetian blinds, instructions

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How to mount the Venetian blinds:instructions and video onassemblyof theVenetian. How to assemble the venetian blinds respecting perfectly the fixing points.

Install a venetian blindit's not difficult but you have to pay attention: theVenetian blindsthey must be mounted on the walls of doors and windows, so make sure you work in complete safety, especially when using the drill and if you need a ladder.

How to mount Venetian blinds

For this assembly jobdo-it-yourselfyou will need:

  • venetian blindto assemble
  • anchors suitable for the type of support (masonry, prefabricated wood, tiles ...)
  • meter
  • pencil
  • level
  • drill
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • saw - slat cutter (optional)

You should have theVenetian curtainsof the right size and the support that must be fixed to the wall. Most often, home improvement stores likeLeroy Merlin or Bricoor furniture supply stores such asIkea, kits of larger sizes are available to be cut if necessary. In this context, you will need a saw, a sort of manual saw that will be used to cut the excess of the support of yourVenetian. The Venetian blind itself must be cut with aslat cutter, as opposed toroller blinds, Venetian blinds with plastic slats require more attention during the cutting phase.

If you have not yet purchased a Venetian blind, you can choose one of the appropriate size for your window (or door), sifting through Amazon's proposals. Useful links: Venetian blinds on Amazon. The most famous eccomerce on the web offers various offers with Venetian blinds of the most common sizes already pre-packaged and ready for assembly. With the right-sized venetian blind, you do not have to carry out any preliminary measures and can thus proceed directly to assembly.

Instructions for assembling a Venetian blind

Choose where to place thevenetian blind. If you have recessed doors or windows, you can choose whether to install the blinds on the wall or flush, directly on the window frame. Flush mounting should only be performed if there is space left to open the window.

If the window is aligned with the wall, you canmount the venetian blinddirectly on the wall: you will have to mount squares to move the curtain away from the window, leave enough space for the handle!

Equip yourself with a measuring tape and trace the fixing points, adjusting with the thicknesses to leave: you must leave the necessary margin to allow the window to open when the curtain is lowered, which is also why you will need the teams!

With the pencil, mark the points to be drilled with the drill. Before proceeding with the drilling, mark the inner profile of the support plate on each side (the one to which the Venetian blind will be attached). Put down the support plate and make the necessary assessments before drilling.

Drill the holes by holding the drill perpendicular to the wall. Place the plate (or the joints of the plate, depending on the model purchased) and screw it using the holes made with the drill. Obviously you will need screws with fisher. The fisher are fixed inside the holes with a hammer. They must be inserted flush with the wall, so they must not protrude from the wall.

Venetian blinds: solar shading and incentives

TheVenetianare systems ofsolar shieldsand, as such, they can benefit from incentives through the restructuring bonus. Among the internal shields that can access the incentives we mention theinternal venetian blinds or the interior curtains, as long as you talk about technical shielding and are applied integrally to the building envelope, therefore the classic fabric curtains should be excluded. To understand if the Venetian awning we intend to buy can access the incentives, we refer to a regulation: the definition of technical solar shading refers to the UNI EN 14501 standard and the Gtot solar factor. Find out when purchasing.

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