Remedies for hair loss

Remedies for hair loss

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Remedies for hair loss: advice on which solution to choose to deal with the problem of hair loss in a natural way: from homemade wraps to nutrition.

For both men and women the hair loss generates a strong discomfort, as well as aesthetic, even psychological. A thick hair is synonymous with health and beauty for both sexes. For women having hair equals femininity, for men virility. A face framed by beautiful hair looks more seductive (although many women find bald men very attractive).

Remedies for hair loss

Every day the human being loses from 40 to 120 hairs (based on the number of hair follicles). Hair undergoes a continuous renewal process. Each follicle, for people in good health, has an independent life cycle from the others, so there are different phases of growth and rest of the hair. We generally don't realize the process ofhair lossprecisely because it is continuously with regrowth.

The problem arises when, for various reasons that can range from simple stress to real pathologies, i hair in the growth phase they are lower than in the resting phase and therefore in the fall phase.

We remind you that it is always good to consult a specialized doctor (such as a dermatologist) to verify the type of problem in order to possibly address it with the necessary therapies. In this way, in the event that you are suffering from a real pathology (perhaps in an already aggravated state), you will avoid false expectations related to natural remedies.

Remedies for hair loss, cedar essential oil

Cedar essential oil is one of the most suitable products against hair loss. Both the essence of cedar, (Hymalaya citron oil) or the oil extracted directly from the peel, and the essential oil of cedar wood (essential oil of cedrus atlantica) have chemical characteristics that make them really excellent for combating hair loss.

The substances contained in these oils are considered rubefacenti, that is able to stimulate blood circulation by capillary vasodilation. In this way, in the absence of a real pathology, it is possible to revive the skin of the scalp by stimulating the hair bulbs.

Cedar essential oil as a hair loss remedy

To use cedar essential oil against hair loss, like any essential oil, for use, it will be advisable to dilute it with another oil. Jojoba oil is particularly suitable as it improves the absorption of essential oils in the scalp. Those who do not want to buy jojoba oil can also use other oils, such as olive or coconut.

Just dilute a few drops of the essence in a carrier oil and apply it locally with a massage. Leave to act on the scalp making compresses to rinse with warm water after a few minutes. You can also dilute cedar essential oil in a mild shampoo and use it as a normal shampoo.

For all information on where to find cedar essential oil and how to best use itagainst hair losswe refer you to the article:Cedar essential oil.

Natural remedies for hair loss, rosemary

In addition to being an ingredient that gives flavor to foods, rosemary is a herb rich in antiseptic properties, useful for combating hair loss.
Just create a mixture by adding dry rosemary to hot water (a teaspoon), leaving it to infuse for about 20 minutes, so that it releases all its essential oils. The solution obtained can be used to wash the skin and capillary fibers (to be rinsed with warm water). To get even healthier and shinier looking hair you can add about 50 grams of apple cider vinegar to this blend.

Remedies for hair loss, nutrition

The scientific community has repeatedly confirmed that most health problems, including hair loss, are closely related to a healthy and correct diet.

What are the foods that help fight hair loss?

The cortex of the hair is basically composed of keratin. Keratin is a protein made of amino acids (such as cystine, serine, glycine, glutamic acid, valine, arginine, etc.). Precisely for this reason it happens that people with dietary protein deficiencies have problems with hair loss. For this reason it is important to supplement your diet with products rich in proteins such as:
• Eggs.
• Soy.
• Legumes (beans, lentils, cicerchie).
• Almonds.
• Yogurt.

Hair loss remedies, learn how to manage stress

Stress is often the main cause of momentary hair loss. It is therefore important to think about your inner well-being and mobilize in this sense. Yoga can be very helpful to help the psyche manage stress.
According to recent studies conducted by researchers at Duke Unervesity Medical Center, in fact, attending a yoga course can help a lot to manage problems such as stress which, if taken lightly, can turn into real psychic pathologies (after having made you lose all your hair!). A lot of time and money is spent on futile things, leaving out the physical and psychological well-being which in the long run can generate very serious physical problems (circulation problems, colitis, inflammation and gallbladder stones ...) and sometimes psychiatric (depression, attention deficit) , sleep disorders…).

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