Ventilation with heat recovery

Ventilation with heat recovery

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Ventilation with heat recovery: prices of energy-saving controlled ventilation systems; the controlled ventilation system with heat recovery allows for air exchange by recovering the energy invested to heat or cool the premises. On this page we will analyze some plant models, their cost and their operation.

Polluted air is not just what you breathe in urban environments and in full traffic: the air we breathe at home can be up to 5 times more polluted than that we breathe outside the four walls of the home.

Bacteria, molds, pollen, mites, allergens, pollutants released by furniture accessories and substances released by classic household cleaning products. These are the main pollutants that we find in the home. To avoid domestic pollution, the air exchange is critical. Not only that, the air exchange it helps us regulate humidity levels in the home and prevent headaches, nausea, flu and allergies.

To facilitate air changes, we can take advantage of controlled ventilation systemsmechanical ventilationcontrolled it is even more recommended when there are smokers, pets and in environments where vapors are produced such as the kitchen and the bathroom.

These systemsthey allow "new air" from outside to flow inside the house, allowing a continuous exchange of air. This occurs in the simplest systems while in the most advanced controlled mechanical ventilation systems, the user has the possibility offilter the incoming airin the house,adjust the humidity rate, the time intervals in which to make the change or ... recover the energy invested to heat or cool the home.

On the market today, it is also possible to finddecentralized heat recovery units, ie appliances capable of guaranteeing aair exchangeis,recover heat(or rather, the thermal energy) of the air flow exiting the house. In this way, the air in the home environment is renewed without dissipating heat in winter or freshness in summer.

We know it well, drafts and a classic air change generated by opening the windows nullify the work done by air conditioning or radiators. The systems ofventilation with heat recoverythey are able to restore the right amount of oxygen and control parameters such as temperature and humidity.

The installation of these systems isWall and on the market there is no shortage of devices with a compact, modern and minimal design. The systems ofventilation with heat recoverythey can be integrated into any type of home environment.

Ventilation systems with heat recovery - Prices

The cost of aenergy-saving controlled mechanical ventilationcan vary a lot depending on the manufacturer and the performance offered. To the purchase cost, the user will have to add installation costs which generally amount to 50 - 100 euros based on the labor cost required.

To get you a clear idea of ​​the prices of these devices, we report some examples on the market. To begin, we recommend the deviceVMC Solitair of Ave, the air exchange intervention, for a single room, costs about 580 euros. The device allows adequate ventilation with athermal energy recoverywhich exceeds 90%. The installation is simple (those who have a good practice with do-it-yourself can do it independently) because the system does not need condensate drains.

For large spaces it is possible to use the system ofmechanical ventilation with heat recoveryLossnay VL 100 EU-5E (shown in the photo above)produced by Mitubishi Electric. This system is able to guarantee perfect air exchange with thermal energy recovery, in spaces up to 80 square meters. Installation is very simple even with DIY: just drill two holes with a diameter of 8.5 cm, without the need to carry out renovations or invasive works. The price of this device amounts to around 550 euros.

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