Cogeneration plants: what they are and their benefits

Cogeneration plants: what they are and their benefits

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Cogeneration plants, a way to go if you want to save energy and increase efficiency. A green way because with these systems less CO2 is released into the atmosphere, thus also reducing the impact on the environment. Let's find out what it is, the benefits and who to turn to to take action. For switch to cogeneration.

Cogeneration plants: what they are

The cogeneration plants they are heating systems that have the particular ability to be able to produce electricity at the same time. Whoever decides to install this type of system, gets at the same time and in one fell swoop, "a coup", one could say two of the most important types of energy.

In the cogeneration plants this "magic" is possible because while the electricity is being produced, the heat that is generated "inevitably" is not dispersed into the environment, being wasted. Indeed, it is not only recovered but also used in an excellent way: for produce hot water, steam or heat. Like? I called it "magic" but it is a drying process,

Cogeneration plants: benefits

A increase in energy efficiency. A significant energy saving. These are the two main benefits that those who choose to install can enjoy cogeneration plants. A combination of advantages that is certainly tempting, embellished with a delightfully green side that I cannot remain silent. Indeed, my duty to emphasize, hoping that it is one of the reasons that push the most undecided towards cogeneration plants.

What I am referring to is there'Attention to the environment which characterizes the whole series of processes implemented in cogeneration, with the result of making us the authors of a sustainable choice, because we reduce the CO2 values ​​released into the atmosphere.

The cogeneration plants, as well as those of microgeneration, they are and remain an optimal solution for securing electricity and recovering heat, making the best use of fuel resources. And avoiding to "throw", to waste, the heat and then find yourself having to procure it when necessary, in another way. With relative expenditure of money and energy.

In the cogeneration plants by integrating an engine powered by methane gas, one of the most frequently used fuels, with an electric generator and a heat recovery system, we are able to produce 80% of energy. We can therefore boast one dispersion of maximum 20/30%. From applause.

Cogeneration plants: the situation in Italy

Since the end of the 70s, in our country, thanks to a good tradition in the production world, we can talk about industrial cogeneration as a well-established reality. Today it is undoubtedly even more so, after almost half a century.

No doubt about it, the environmental benefit is considerable, no one will ever deny it, but to "undermine" the good positioning in the hearts of the Italians cogeneration plants there is the economic question. As often happens, green choices require at least an initial investment, which must be more courageous than in other situations. More courageous, motivated and financially sustainable. More simply, I am talking about the investment that companies with cogeneration plants they are called upon to do in order to design and build them.

Costs rise compared to "competing" plants, and this is the reason why the practice of cogeneration does not take hold as we would like in the trade, services and residential. Compared to the picture of the Italian industrial world, there is no comparison.

The horizon, however, does not show black and threatening clouds. If in times of energy monopoly, since there is no possibility of selling the surplus of electricity on the grid, cogeneration did not show many advantages, since the market is free, the story of those who choose cogeneration plants, It's changed. Now you have a chance to sell their energy, it is no longer so inconvenient.

The Italians have understood this and there has been a new boom in requests because it is enough to connect our cogeneration plants to the grid to be able to sell or exchange electricity. In this way, in one of two ways, you avoid wasting the self-produced energy and you can return earlier from the investment made by choosing cogeneration plants.

If this is the photograph of the relationship between Italians and cogeneration plants, here is also a snapshot of what is called civil cogeneration, including for example we find district heating. Compared to other geographical areas, our country does not boast particularly favorable climatic conditions and this time this is a fact, we cannot blame ourselves for it. On the contrary, we show off a bit of optimism because industry observers in recent years have noticed a gradually improving. Especially in northern and central-northern Italy.

Cogeneration plants: qualified operators in Italy

In this constantly developing landscape, with the evolution of technologies and the sudden and not always clear change of regulations for the layman, it is important to contact qualified operators if you want to install cogeneration plants. In Italy, in northern Italy, there has been for decades Toninato Impianti, a company active throughout the peninsula and above all certified, expert in the creation of cogeneration and microcogeneration plants.

By contacting this reality, and already consulting the site, you can get an idea of ​​what is achievable and what it can do for you. But we are not "abandoned" in front of the screen: Toninato Impianti aims to satisfy those who turn to her, and once the decision has been made, she also offers constant post-testing maintenance assistance, to ensure perfect efficiency and long life of the cogeneration plants.

This certainty of having a qualified operator with whom to relate is also joined by the fact of seeing how those illustrated are workmanship performed to perfection, with the use of cutting-edge materials. To take advantage of innovative, functional solutions and of high quality standards proposed byToninato Impianti, from Noventa di Piave (VE), where it is based, there are numerous manufacturing industries, supermarkets and shopping centers, but not only. Also public and private health facilities, hotels and restaurants, wineries, schools, public offices, barracks, sports facilities and swimming pools, industrial laundries, industrial kitchens, homes. There are cogeneration plants suitable for everyone.

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