She-wolf howling and giving birth: exclusive video

She-wolf howling and giving birth: exclusive video

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She-wolf howling and giving birth, an exciting scene that we can see in an exclusive video, but not before having met the wolf, a magnetically wild animal that risked not surviving. He is the protagonist of fairy tales, legends, scary fantasy stories, but the scariest is the one that sees him threatened with extinction.

The wolf

The gray wolf has the scientific name "Canis lupus" and belongs to Canidae family. If once it was one of the most widespread mammals on earth, today it is extinct in many areas, where it has remained - fortunately also in Italy - it wanders in different habitats passing from the Arctic tundra, to the forests, to the prairies.

It also depends a lot on food, and always moves in flocks, of 3 or 4 or even 20-30 animals, formed by a reproductive couple and some “young”. We will see that the "she" of the couple is the only she-wolf that howls and gives birth. The territory in which each group turns can also extend for 13,000 km2, just to understand how much the wolves are not sedentary.

In spring-summer, the period in which the she-wolf that howls and gives birth, then he raises the puppies, he stays still, in the autumn-winter period he moves up to 200 km running at 8 km / h. Moving from country to country there are wolves of various sizes - in the south they are generally smaller - and even of variable color of the coat. There is white in the Arctic populations, gray, cinnamon, brown and black to the south. However, the wolf always has long water-repellent hairs and an insulating internal woolly layer.

With its very long limbs and its very fine hearing, its very powerful jaws and the unimaginable endurance in running, the wolf is a predator par excellence, large carnivore, which feeds on both large (moose, reindeer, caribou, deer, wild boar, etc.) and small (beavers, rabbits, mice, etc.). Unfortunately, sometimes even carrion and waste.

The Wolf in the Abruzzo National Park

In Abruzzo National Park It is not easy to spot the wolf, among the various animals it hosts, but it is a challenge that is worth it. Sure see one she-wolf howling and giving birth, it is almost impossible, if not with the video that we will see shortly. It is a predominantly nocturnal animal, during the day it takes refuge in wild places leaving us signs of presence: footprints very similar to those of a large dog but arranged in a single row.

The wolf we see in this park, if we are persistent and a little lucky, is the wolf of the Apennines. It is a variety that weighs from 25 to 40 kg with a height at the withers of 60-70 cm. Its average life is about ten years and it adapts to the various environments present in the Park, from the forest to the prairies, ranging between the different altitudinal levels.

If we can't see it, it doesn't mean we won't be able to hear it. There is the she-wolf that howls and gives birth but also many other specimens that howl both to signal their presence and because it serves as a call for the other members of their pack.

She-wolf howling and giving birth: the exclusive video

If we can say we are ultra lucky to see one live She-wolf howling and giving birth, thanks to our partnership with YouDoc we can offer you a truly exceptional video, shot thanks to a video trap. A spoiler: show a she-wolf howls, gives birth and begins to look after her young. In words it does not say what our eyes will see.

Click here to watch the video.

Italian wolf

Born from the cross between a German Shepherd it's a wild wolf from the Upper Lazio Apennines, the Italian wolf has as its progenitor a specimen called Zorro. It came to light in 1966. Today the Italian wolf breed is protected, it is bred byItalian Wolf Protection Agency and marketing and reproduction outside the protection body are prohibited.

As an aspect, it is trivial to say, but his is just a wolf, of those who imagine from an early age. It is robust and very resistant to fatigue, with highly developed hearing and sight. And then of course it has, being a big predator, a strength and power in the grip that few others of its kind can boast.

In the "animal" panorama the Italian wolf is considered "a coincidence", exemplary and deserving as it represents a certain relationship created between man and environment: this is due to the originality, homogeneity, constancy and balance also on the genetic, morphological and psychic level that characterize it from birth.

Newborn baby turtle: video contribution from one of our users!

A little while ago Mr. Vincenzo Damiano who sent me a truly exceptional contribution: it is a video shot yesterday in the municipality of Anzi (PZ) which documents the discovery of a newborn cub! Mr. Vincenzo was looking for truffles with his friend Rocco Corrado and with his dogs when he found a wolf cub.

After stroking him for a while, seeing that he seemed hungry, they also fed him with some milk that their she-wolf kindly offered him, since he was breastfeeding.

Obviously, they then placed the little cub where it was so as not to interfere with nature and not to risk annoying the mother wolf who would be back from there shortly.

Here is the video and many thanks to Mr. Vincenzo for sharing it with us and with IdeeGreen users!

Wolf coloring page

From the wolf protected to the wolf drawn by children, sometimes because it is the protagonist of nightmares, sometimes because you want to see it but it's not that simple. And then, the "remedy", while waiting, is to draw it and work with imagination and pencils. And enough with the bad Wolf: I don't want Little Red Riding Hood, and not even her somewhat imprudent grandmother, I want to show a wolf that, once colored, is a friend of children who dream of it and want to see it live in a beautiful park.

Here is a coloring image where the wolf appears smiling and sly even if it does not give up showing its claws.

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Video: A man saved a she wolf from a trap, a few years later she saved his life (August 2022).